If you’ve been on Pinterest recently, you might have noticed something a little different about your account:

New: Group Board Messages on Pinterest
Messages alerting you to new Pins on group boards in Pinterest

You’re getting a lot more messages. This is due to a change in how Pinterest alerts users to new Pins on their group boards.

What’s Happening?

With this change, your fellow collaborators are sent a message when someone saves a Pin to the group board. This is done when you Pin organically, use a third party scheduling app, or when you drag a Pin to the chat bubble on a group board:

Adding a Pin to a group Board Message
New ‘Try sending the group a message or dragging a Pin’ message on Pinterest

The Pins will show up both on the collaborative board and in your group message. This change only effects group boards with fewer than 20 collaborators.

Why The Change?

Pinterest activated this new feature to help facilitate conversations around Pins on group boards. For example, if you’re Pinning about an upcoming vacation with friends, you can all automatically discuss the options for activities, hotels, and restaurants right on Pinterest.

Using Group Board Messages for Planning
Example of a group board message on Pinterest

By having the Pin show up as a message, you can bypass creating a separate thread to have a discussion around the topic.

What If I Don’t Want to See Group Board Messages?

Right now, there’s not a way to specifically opt-out of this feature. You can leave the group board, block certain collaborators, or add people until your board has more than 20 collaborators. While there is not a way to leave group chats yet, Pinterest is looking for feedback on the feature here.

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