While Pinterest is a relatively new social media networking site, this site has definitely grown in popularity over the past few years. As such, why not take advantage of the upsurge in traffic at Pinterest and promote your business? Here are three important Pinterest marketing tips for you to peruse:

Pinterest Marketing Tip #1 – Register Your Business in the Proper Manner

Want to get the absolute most out of this innovative social networking website? If so, then you should use the same email to register with Pinterest as you use for your Twitter account. (You do have a Twitter account right?) If you register in this manner, you will be able to share your Pinterest pins on Twitter in a much more streamlined way; and more exposure for your business is always a good thing of course. In addition, you can put your business name in the first and last name spaces on your profile. Further, to get even more traffic back to your business website, it is a great idea to place a link to this website for each and every pin you make on Pinterest. Of course, when it comes to making your Pinterest profile, remember to write an interesting description about your company – and place a link to your website here as well of course.

Pinterest Marketing Tip #2 – Consider Running Contests

Want even more traffic to your business website? Then why not consider running a contest on Pinterest? For instance, you can offer prizes to people for the “most re-pins”. In addition, you can also create logo contests – and other types of contests. As for the prizes, ensure that these items are something of value or else you will note that there will not be much interest in your Pinterest-based contest. Of course, to further promote your business, the prize can consist of something your protect sells or a service that your company provides. All in all, contests are extremely popular online, and are also almost guaranteed to increase the amount of visitors to your website.

Pinterest Marketing Tip #3 – Showcase Your “Fun” Side

While running a business can often be serious at times, it is also important to show your customers and potential customers that you have a lighter side. After all, this type of behavior allows online users to see that you are “human”; in turn, they will begin to trust you and purchase products/services from you down the line as well. In order to show your personal side, you can share images of you and your staff enjoying sports together, attending company functions together, and even volunteering together. Well – there you go! Now you are all set to begin your Pinterest marketing adventures. Enjoy all the new web traffic that results from your marketing efforts!

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