Do You Want More Click Throughs? 13 Smart Ways To Create Pin Descriptions


One of the biggest mistakes I see being made over and over again is how Pinterest users fail to craft eye grabbing, attention sucking pin descriptions.

I often just see hashtags, or one liners, or even just one word. I think it is because it is so much for fun to pin while creating pin descriptions feels more like work! Guess what? It is!

Pinterest pin descriptions are more important than ever before. Powered by user supplied captions and comments, Pinterest categorizes your pins based on your pin descriptions. One of the most powerful & important ways to improve your search results is to sharpen your pin descriptions.

Pinterest gives you 500 characters to work with but according to Dan Zarrella who researched 11,000 pins he found that the most repinned and commented on items were accompanied by descriptions of 200 to 300 words.

Do You Want More Click Throughs? 13 Smart Ways To Create Pin Descriptions

However here’s the catch! Pin descriptions on Android cuts off at around 125 characters depending on the width of the letters. Over 75% of Pinterest users use their mobile device so you want to make sure that your most vital information and keywords are in your first 125 characters.

On Pinterest you can also share your pins (images) on Twitter and Facebook. Here’s the thing. According to research by Track Social they found that the perfect Tweet length was right around 100 characters. To make the best use of your time and when you factor in the facts and research I would stay keep your pin descriptions to within 100 – 125 characters.

Yes, Pinterest is about pretty images but you can’t afford to expect your images to do all the heavy lifting to get you those click throughs. Success on Pinterest isn’t just one thing; there are multiple factors that contribute to operating a successful account. I have said this before; there is a lot of science to Pinterest success.

The challenge for many bloggers, marketers and business owners is finding a way to create attention sucking, eye ball grabbing messages that stand out and make pinners care about clicking through your image amidst all the hundreds of other ones on their home feed.

Make no mistake about it, you are competing for eye balls and attention on Pinterest… are you playing to win or mailing it in?

Why are click throughs so important? Well at the end of the day isn’t that what you really want… the pinner clicking thru and landing on your website to begin your sales process or buy something? That is the real goal here. There are times when our visuals may not evoke the emotion we are trying so hard to create which is why we need to back that up with clear, powerful, attention grabbing pin descriptions.

Pin descriptions are a lot like blog titles or headlines in my eyes. That first line makes it or breaks it. We are grabbing the pinners’ attention in order to move them to care about your content.

Let’s see what we can learn from this study and how respondents react to blog titles based on Conductor’s research:

  • 36% preferred headlines containing numbers. This rate goes up to 39% for women.
  • 21% preferred headlines that literally talk to them.
  • 17% preferred headlines that show them how to do something.

So the 3 key takeaways are to include:

  1. numbers
  2. adding the word “You” so the pinner feels we’re speaking to them
  3. being crystal clear about what will they learn that they will find helpful or beneficial; will it solve a problem

As a Pinterest expert & consultant I believe your title or headline must also include some of the following to help pique a pinner’s interest and increase your chances of getting repins and click throughs.

Here’s my 10 step checklist in addition to the above mentioned items:

  1. Who’s your audience?
  2. Does it show your fun side?
  3. Is it easy to understand?
  4. Does it include a keyword for SEO? This is a biggie!
  5. Does it include a call to action with a link to where you want the pinner to go? According to a study by, descriptions that contain a call to action see an 80% increase in engagement.
  6. Does is speak WIIFM?
  7. Add testimonials
  8. Does it include a hashtag?
  9. Does it include a price? Prices in the description appear in the gift category. Pins with price get 36% more likes than without.
  10. NEVER use bitly as Pinterest is known to mark pins containing shortened links as spam.

To help you count your number of characters use to this site

Let’s take a look at three pins and let’s see if they pass my White Glove Test and what we can do to make improvements:

13 Smart Ways To Create Pin Descriptions

1) What’s good? Use the word love, and evokes emotion and explains what the occasion is.

Here’s what they could have done:

You will love these gorgeous #hairstyles! CLICK HERE “add link here” to learn the 10 easy ways to style your hair on your wedding day.

13 Smart Ways To Create Pin Descriptions

2) What’s good? Has a call to action, explains what it is and the occasion.

Here’s what they could have done:

Make this Chickie Bird Fruit Cups in less than 5 mins. Quick & easy Easter activity to do with your kids. Go here “add website url” to get the #recipe!

You can change it up by including the main ingredients of the dish and how to cook it.

13 Smart Ways To Create Pin Descriptions

3) What’s good? Tells you what they will learn.

Here’s what they could have done:

CLICK HERE “website url” to learn 50 clever blog post titles to increase blog traffic to your site every time!

Crafting pin descriptions may not be a lot of fun for some people but it’s worth putting in the time. If you really want to have success on Pinterest this is one of the things you need to master. Use the checklist I created and expect to get more click throughs than ever before.

Over to you

What are your secrets for getting more click throughs?

If this is overwhelming for you and you feel like you are going around and around with Pinterest and not getting anywhere contact me to learn more about my Pinterest Marketing Course for Business.

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