We suppose it was only a matter of time until Gatsby dominated our thoughts for our weekend plans. What isn’t enticing about the roaring 20s? The fashion, the art deco style, the music and the parties… Here are our top 5 Gatsby and 20s themed inspired pins:

1. Emerald Living Room

Add some of Long Island’s North Shore glamour to your living space with emerald hues, sleek furniture and crystal lighting.

2. 20s Inspired Women’s Fashion

Women’s fashion experienced dramatic changes in the 1920s that still heavily influence the fashion industry today. Add some of Daisy Buchanan’s glitz and allure to your wardrobe with fringes, beautiful bead details, sequins, and drop waist tea dresses.

3. DIY Faux Bob

Get the popular bob cut hairstyle of the 1920s with this DIY tutorial.

4. 20s Inspired Men’s Fashion

Sportswear was introduced to men’s fashion in the 1920s and still remains a popular staple today. Add Gatsby inspired sophistication to your wardrobe with pinstripes, silk ties, vests and club collars.

5. Champagne Bar

Image via [weddingchicks.com]

Treat your guests to a champagne bar at your next Gatsby inspired soiree for a fun and festive night.

Will you be seeing Baz Luhrman’s adaptation of The Great Gatsby? If you have already seen it, what did you think?

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