Most of you already know that the premiere for the final season of Breaking Bad started last Sunday, August 11th. That “most of you” assumption isn’t too much of an exaggeration, considering that 5.9 million of you tuned into your televisions on Sunday to start the final chapter of this thrilling series. Invite some friends over and throw an amazing Breaking Bad themed party, using this week’s Top 5 Pins as inspiration. It will be a great excuse to get together with your friends, have some food and finally see if Walt will continue to be “the one who knocks” at the end of this series.

1. Blue Crystal Cupcakes

These cupcakes are perfect for your Sunday night Breaking Bad get-together with friends. It’s not quite as tedious to cook as it is for Walt and Jesse and it’s a delicious treat that you and your guests will surely enjoy.

2. DIY Formula Drinking Glass

Make one of these simple Breaking Bad inspired chemical drinking glasses. Use glass paint to write some nifty chemical formulas on your cup and then use them to play some Breaking Bad drinking games with your friends.

3. Remember My Name – The Heisen-burger

There is strong symbolism that ties back to the color blue throughout the series so we thought an appropriate meal to have during the show would be a bleu cheese Heisen-burger. Anything with bleu cheese would work actually, but what else is a better menu item for a Breaking Bad party than a Heisen-burger?

4. Walter-itas

These “Walter-itas” would accompany your formula drinking glasses perfectly! The ice and salt are dyed blue so they look just like the iconic blue crystals from the show. If you’re not looking to drink, you can dye your ice blue and replace the Walter-itas with some water or juice too. Don’t skimp out on the rock candy garnish though!

5. Bubbling Lab

Walt and Jesse spend most of their time cooking in secret laboratories. To recreate the scene of their bubbling laboratory for your party, fill some chemistry sets with blue dyed water and dry ice. Place them on the snack bar table to add that final touch to your Breaking Bad party.

What do you predict will have happened to Walt by the end of this series?

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