So you’ve identified influential users on Pinterest – these are the people that have thousands, if not millions of followers. They run blogs, write product and brand reviews, create videos, have a massive Twitter following, and everyone wants to align their brands with them.

Now that you’ve identified them, now what?

Vlogger Michelle Phan Blogs About her Partnership with Dr. Pepper

1. Partner with Influencers

Adding Influencer reach to your marketing efforts enables you to have organic exposure of your brand to potential customers. Fans trust the opinion and recommendations of these influencers, and you can get your brand in front of your audience by way of native, content-oriented advertising. Beyond their reach, Influencers provide the benefit of aligning your brand with established content, lifestyle, and personal message that launched them into popularity in the first place.

Partnering with influencers typically requires the relationship to be mutually beneficial to both parties, so reach out to these individuals wisely. Do you have a big & exciting Product Launch that they can be a part of? If you have a Campaign or Promotion coming up and want extended reach, are you willing to provide reasonable compensation?

Top users have millions of followers across multiple platforms – not just limited to Pinterest. In order to find these users, Piqora offers a very easy way to identify top influencers across over 30 categories including Fitness & Health, Fashion, Weddings, and more!

Country Living Guest Pin Board with Etsy

2. Create a Guest Pinner/Collaboration Board

Collaborate with tastemakers on a Pinterest board for your Pinterest page by having them pin their favorites items and make recommendations to your followers.

Try launching a themed board with them during the holidays – or perhaps collaborate on a lifestyle/style board based on a selection of products from your brand. Not only does this gain the attention of your Influencer’s followers, but adding new boards allows you to add more depth of content to your Pinterest Page from different points of view.

Finally you can test first hand which Influencer’s content is resonating with your audience the most. Compare boards between Guest Pinners and find out which Influencer rises to the top.

3. Develop Relationships with Brand Advocates/Ambassadors

Perhaps a more arguably effective group of individuals to invest time into are Brand Advocates. Brand Ambassadors are different from Influencers in that these individuals are the Superfans of your brand. Not only are these individuals active on Social Media, but they are true fans that are excited and enthusiastic about your business.

Lululemon’s Instagram Attracts Fans

Brand Advocates shouldn’t be seen as people to drive impressions against specific initiative, but rather the people to represent your brand and drive the message, tone & community of your brand on an ongoing basis.

How do you engage with these users? Start by reaching out to them organically within your community. Comment, Like, or Reblog/Repin their photos if they relate to your brand. Recognize & reward these users that frequently post pictures, comments, blog posts, etc for your brand. The more you reach out, the more they will continue to interact with your community.

Piqora offers many ways to identify these “Super-Users” by surfacing Top Users that pin from your website or boards frequently, Top Users that earn the most repins for your brand, or users who are the most engage with your contest or promotion.

Ready to engage with your community’s Influencers and Brand Ambassadors? Great! Request a demo today.