It’s going to be a Pinteresting year. Social media drove an unprecedented amount of qualified traffic to retail sites in Q4 of 2013, with Pinterest making the biggest leaps past Twitter and Facebook. According to Adobe’s report, Pinterest’s revenue per visit increased by 244%. What’s more, Pinterest’s shares jumped by 58%, racing past email according to research by ShareThis.

Running with their increased popularity, Pinterest announced the launch of their latest tool, Interests, with an aim to increase relevant discovery on the visually engaging platform. This tool will help drive discovery, populating the page with relevant images depending on your searches and which images you’ve pinned and collected from previous searches. For example, if you searched gardens and pinned mainly succulents, your Interest page will include succulent gardens. The page will adapt to your interests over time. Pinterest noted the more you use Pinterest the better the page becomes.

There are a variety of ways to leverage Pinterest’s growing popularity and features. As a brand and retailer, take advantage of Pinterest’s business pages. There are around 500,000 business accounts on Pinterest, make sure that you are one of them.

Utilize Pinterest’s rich pins for direct links to your site with extra details to help users sort through what is most relevant to them. Drive highly qualified traffic to specific products or resources. Use article pins to link to blog posts. Product pins include real-time updates on products such as price, availability, and where to buy. Pins that include prices see a 36% increase in likes. Include a call to action in relevant pins to see an 80% increase in engagement. Leverage trending topics and you’ll see a 94% increase in clicks.

Integrate Pinterest onto your site with a social curated gallery. Bring the Pinterest experience onsite by creating a dynamic product gallery, a visually stunning addition to any shopping experience. Users can see which products are trending, your products in real life, and upload their own photos.

In order to really take advantage and “go viral,” try running a Pin it to Win contest. Flood Pinterest with your products by having shoppers pin a specific product to their boards for a chance to win that product or another prize. One of our clients recently launched a Pin it to Win it campaign and saw over 30,000 pins from their shoppers in just 60 days. This increased organic product discovery and drove qualified traffic back to their site, as their products showed up on all their shopper’s and their like-minded social circles’ feeds.

With the launch of their API, Pinterest is one of the largest social assets to retailers and brands. With these statistics, it is a definite must in your social strategy.

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