increased their monthly Pinterest following by 304% with PinMailFrom November 18th to December 20th, saw their monthly average Pinterest followers increase by 304%, monthly average repins increase by 115%, and monthly average pins from their site increase by 68% with socially targeted email marketing from PinMail by PinLeague.

Minimus, the world leader in all things small, wanted to quickly grow their Pinterest presence and engagement. With PinLeague’s socially powered email marketing tool, PinMail, Minimus saw incredible results in under one month!

Setting up the Campaign

Minimus's PinMail Campaign

The emails were sent out with the goal of increasing user engagement through follower and repin growth. A total of 5 email sends went out between November 18 and December 20. The first 2 emails invited subscribers to pin with Minimus. After that, two emails went out that promoted “Featured Boards” and one email directed subscribers to pin certain products.

The Results

The emails directing subscribers to pin with Minimus helped them achieve gains in followers on Pinterest.

Audience Growth:

Minimus's Follower Gain form PinMail Campaign

  • Average monthly follower growth increased by 304%
  • Follower count jumped from 687 to 1,010
  • Total growth amounted to 323 followers, a 47% overall increase

The focus of the last three emails was to boost repins and pins from their site (brand mentions).

Repin Growth:

Minimus's Repin Growth During PinMail Campaign

  • Average monthly repin growth increased by 115%
  • Repin count jumped from 345 to 443
  • Total growth amounted to 98 repins, a 28% increase

Brand Mentions Growth:

Minimus's Brand Mention Growth During Campaign

  • Average monthly brand mentions growth increased by 68%
  • Brand mention count jumped from 711 to 742
  • Total growth amounted to 31 pins from, a 4% increase

Paul Shrater, Co-Founder at Minimus, had this to say about the campaign:

“We were able to see significant direct sales from the customer engagement that occurred with the social media targeted newsletter emails. While a lot of social media services out there are hard to measure, we saw a strong direct ROI from the social media targeted newsletter emails that PinLeague spearheaded with us.”

Throughout the campaign, Minimus was able to keep track of their growth with PinLeague’s Industry leading Analytics Suite.

With socially targeted email marketing from PinMail by PinLeague, Minimus was able to grow at a pace they never thought imaginable. To start your campaign click here and fill out the form provided.