Posting videos on Pinterest hasn’t taken off yet. Is there potential there? Absolutely. From DIY how-to videos, behind-the-scenes clips, and blog post sneak peeks, to fashion runway clips, music videos, and movie trailers, optimizing videos to be shared on Pinterest has huge potential for both bloggers and brands. So what’s the issue? Small pin sizes and blurry cover images are unappealing. Follow our steps below to optimize your videos for Pinterest!

This example video pin is from Johnnie Michelle Smith on YouTube, Pinterest, from her prettibloom pinboard.

How to make a Pinterest-optimized video

Step 1: Record video.

Step 2: Upload to YouTube or Vimeo.

Step 3: Add a “custom” Pinterest-optimized thumbnail (size: ~ 730 x 1200 pixels.)

– Note: For YouTube, you must have enabled ads / monetization in your channel’s settings to customize your own thumbnail (ads play before.)

– Note: For Vimeo, you must wait ~ 40 minutes for ad-free upload to finish before being able to share (no ads play before!)

Step 4: Share via YouTube/Vimeo’s ‘Share on Pinterest’ button (see below.)

The size differences between video pins shared within YouTube & Vimeo and those shared with the Pin It buttons.

See our own HelloSociety example video pin here.

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