Pinfluencers 4

Pinterest is powerful. Being able to discover brands, new products, designs, recipes, and crafts, all while connecting and sharing your discoveries with like-minded people and companies from around the world, is not only unique but also very enjoyable. Did you know that Pinterest is currently the fastest growing social network? So how can brands take advantage of this thriving platform to promote their products and connect with their target audiences? What’s the missing piece to this puzzle? Pinterest influencers.

Pinterest influencers, also known as Pinterest tastemakers, are everyday people who have large followings on Pinterest, anywhere from a hundred thousand to ten million followers. Some influencers are bloggers, some are designers, others are stay-at-home moms, college students, or chefs. These influencers have highly-engaged Pinterest accounts and retain their high followings by pinning unique, desirable, and interesting content to share with their followers.

A recent Nielsen social media report revealed that 33% of social media users say that advertisements on social media platforms are more annoying than other online sites. The amazing opportunity that Pinterest influencers provide brands with is their ability to share a brand’s content with their huge following in a subtle yet effective way.

Whether a brand is targeting foodies, moms, men, techies, crafters, or the fashion-savvy, each Pinterest influencer has their own unique niche. When a brand connects with HelloSociety, they are then paired up with influencers whose boards fit their brand’s aesthetic and whose followers fit their target audience. With HelloSociety’s network of 300+ top Pinterest influencers, there is a huge opportunity to connect with tens of thousands to tens of millions of people or more.

So why Pinterest now? Pinterest is growing globally and with over 70 million users, it has the potential to revolutionize the way people search, connect, and purchase. With the gender gap on Pinterest slowly closing, the appeal of Pinterest to gender-neutral brands is stronger than ever before. Brands are slowly realizing the major positive impact that Pinterest can have by extending their reach, increasing their sales, and deepening their relationships with existing customers.

Each Pinterest influencer has a story. The significant power each influencer holds is proven with each of their followers’ likes, repins, comments, and click-throughs. Pinterest influencers are that piece of the puzzle connecting brands’ products with pinners subtly. Recommendation is effective, and research shows that people who discover a product they later buy in stores are most likely to discover it on a stranger’s board. Remember that saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words?”

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