Pinterest is a powerful platform for sharing visual imagery. And with its upgrades in 2013, it is a better tool for content marketing. While it isn’t the right fit for all businesses, its new Rich Pin feature helps text-based content be shared in a more compelling way.

How Pinterest’s Rich Pins Creates New Opportunities for Content Marketing

The introduction of Pinterest Pages, Related Pins, and Promoted Pins has created even more opportunities for companies to have their pins seen by more users; however, it is the release of Pinterest’s Rich Pins that is particularly beneficial to not just being able to get your pins seen, but get the content of your pins across to users.

Types of Rich Pins and their functions

Pinterest introduced Rich Pins this past spring with the release of product pins, recipe pins and movie pins. These pins contain extra information located directly inside of the pin to make them more useful.

Product Pins – include pricing information, availability and where to buy—all updated in real time
Recipe Pins – include information such as the cook time, ingredients and servings
Movie Pins – include the content rating, cast members and release dates.

By implementing details of the content on the pin itself, users are now able to better decide whether or not they would like to open the pin.

In September, Pinterest released Article Pins, which allow users to find and save interesting reads more easily. Article Pins include information such as the headline, author, story description and a link. This type of pin makes it easier to save and organize articles by offering a reading list board that allows you to “pin now, read later” so that only the articles you enjoy and find relevant end up on your actual boards.

Pinterest has most recently released the Place Pin to help pinners find and visit the places that they pin. Place Pins include details such as the address and phone number of the place so that information can be easily accessed when needed most. They can be accessed from anywhere via mobile devices so that you are able to not only find new places to go, but you can easily find the directions, too. Place Pins are ideal for planning everything from family vacations to a weekend getaway with friends.

Why Rich Pins are valuable for content marketing

The Article Pin in particular is extremely valuable for content marketing. While Pinterest has been viewed in the past as a very visual platform, this type of pin creates a place for great content to be shared. Text articles, such as blog posts or whitepapers, were easily lost on the Pinterest feed before; however, now they will stand out more with bigger images and prominently displayed information. More information about the piece of content will be in front of users initially—increasing the chances of users reading or sharing your content. It will be even more important for businesses using the Article Pin to take the tiem to add compelling visuals to their text-based to increase clickthrough rates or repins.

How to implement Rich Pins on your website

In order to take full advantage of Rich Pins, you must begin by making sure that your account is set up as a business account. You can then verify the account so that people will know that it is the official company Pinterest page. Metatags can then be added to your website depending on which type of Rich Pin you would like to use. Then, when users pin directly from your website, the information will automatically be added. The different metatags can be found on the Pinterest for Developers page. This great if you have a company blog and want users to be able to easily share your posts on Pinterest.

Pinterest is not the best fit for all types of businesses, but it can be a powerful channel to showcase visual imagery and increase sales conversions. The addition of Rich Pins opens up opportunities for text-based content to thrive within the Pinterest platform. Join the conversation and let us know what opportunities you see for content marketing with Pinterest’s addition of Rich Pins.