After profiling three men making a splash on Pinterest, we thought it would be interesting to share examples of Pinterest’s appeal to people of all ages. Our network of more than 250 influential pinners come from many different backgrounds and span several generations. For example, Temple University student, Brittany Cozzens, is a 19-year-old making waves in Philadelphia with more than 3M Pinterest followers.

Brittany isn’t alone. The following four tastemakers are successfully navigating the Pinterest waters, too:

Roaring 20s: Elise Joseph — Curator, Blogger, Stylist and Freelance Writer

Nashville, TN native Elise Joseph is a 20-something known as Pennyweight and the founder of Pennyweight Goods, a blog filled with beautiful, creative and inspirational products. Elise has 1.3M Pinterest followers and 26 boards with nearly 20K pins! Many of her boards have more than 1M followers, including her Style board and her Eat Drink And Be Merry board.

Elise has successfully built the Pennyweight brand through her blog, collaborations with other brands for Pennyweight Goods, and through her social media presence, particularly on Pinterest. What makes her Pinterest presence special is her knack for incorporating her personality into every board that she creates. She showcases her love for beautiful things in a truly unique way and occasionally sneaks a photo of herself in among the pins. It’s like an Easter Egg Hunt or a Where’s Waldo for her followers.


30-Something And Thriving: Jodi McKee — Photographer and Blogger

New Yorker Jodi McKee is an inspiring and talented photographer. Jodi has successfully built up her Pinterest audience to more than 3.9M by regularly posting a variety of beautiful and useful pins on her 102 boards. Her Craftiness board turns heads because it’s filled with brightly colored pins, and her practice of including her own photography helps keep her followers coming back for more and clicking through to her blog.

What makes Jodi special is her compassion and proactive attitude. Jodi was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis in 2008 and is helping spread awareness through various projects, like her Autoimmune Portrait Project where she shares the stories of younger people living with RA. Jodi uses these stories and images to reach other people living with RA and to shed light on an affliction that targets people of all ages.


40-Something And Fierce: Anilú Magloire — Arts & Crafts Enthusiast Who Loves All “Geekalicious” Things

Charlotte, NC resident Anilú Magloire, is the epitome of creativity, strength and selflessness. This single mother has a Pinterest following of more than 577,000 as well as a blog, No Shrinking Violet, that gets scrapbook lovers excited with its crafting tips and stories. In March 2012, The Huffington Post featured her Gadget Love board as one of 27 Gorgeous Pinboards You Need To Follow.

Anilú is an advocate for JDRF, a type 1 diabetes community that came together in an effort to cure, treat and prevent T1D globally. Her daughter was diagnosed with diabetes at the age of four. A few years later when HelloSociety reached out to Anilú about working as a Pinterest Tastemaker, she was able to make ends meet, cover her daughter’s medical expenses, and is now one of the most influential women on Pinterest!


Nifty And In Her 50s: Kathy Novak — Culinary Angel On Earth

Kathy Novak was born and raised in Southern California and is a proud grandmother of five. After 38 years of marriage, Pinterest has helped put some pizzazz back into her family-style cooking. Both Kathy and her 4.5M Pinterest followers draw culinary inspiration from her Food and Fancies board, and Kathy’s family members are very willing guinea pigs for new recipes.

When she’s not searching Pinterest for new recipes to try, Kathy spends her time working for The Sheepfold, a non-profit shelter for women and children, providing them hope and safe refuge from domestic violence. In addition to her collection of scrumptious foods, Kathy keeps a Good Cause board dedicated to charity related items where a portion of sales go to those in need.


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