On Pinterest men have more followers and women have more repins

Remember the book “Men are from Mars & Women are from Venus”? A book about how different men and women really are. Some of those same differences show up on Pinterest as well.

And the number one interest for both was not all that surprising so keep reading.

According to a recent study from the Georgia Institute of Technology and University of Minnesota, men get more followers and women get more repins. The findings also show that American and British users were more likely to get repins than other nationalities.

What’s interesting is the number of male users on Pinterest coming from United States (see photo above) and United Kingdom see below. Why are there so many more male UK users?

Another study was made on February 12, 2014 about what content men were sharing the most. These categories were:

  • photography

  • art

  • design

  • home decor

Men and women shared similarly pinning activities such as:

  • humor

  • tattoos

  • animals

  • quotes

  • gardening

  • food and drink was the most popular category for both men and women

While women have been the center of attention in this virtual pin board we can’t deny that men have been enjoying and benefiting from this social media website too. So I’ve decide to interview a few men from the Manly Pinterest Show to get their perspective on Pinterest. I asked them the following questions:

  • What do you love about Pinterest when using it for business or personally?

  • What’s your best tip for getting more followers?

  • What has been your most popular (highest repin) pin to date?

Wade Harman

  1. I love it because I can display what the post is about in a single image. The image can speak volumes more than what the text ever could. People are attracted to images and when you use this in the right perspective, you can build attraction and responsiveness quickly.

  1. When I publish a new post on Google Plus, I include the Pinterest link as well. This encourages interaction and bridges the two platforms together. That way, people that follow me on Google Plus know where my Pinterest account is.

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Les Dossey

  1. I love the concentration of images, themes and quotes and the ability to organize them within specific boards. When I have a new project that I want to develop I’ll either create a new board and gather the resources that inspire me and get my creative juices flowing or I’ll immerse myself in a board I’ve already created.

  1. How do you move a mountain or eat an elephant? The same strategy applies to growing your following on pinterest. Identify the types of followers you want and then develop a strategy for new pins and repinning others pins that will attract the quality of followers you desire. The key is consistency.

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Stephan Hovnanian

  1. I love that Pinterest is a high-authority website that lets me cross-promote my content from other social networks and my blog to an audience that loves to curate. Broadening my reach on Pinterest extends my network beyond what I’m capable of building on my own.

  1. Market your boards. I am always talking about my Pinterest boards on Google+ and in email campaigns.

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Mike Alton

  1. I love that it’s so easy to do both at the same time! I spend a few minutes in the morning and in the evening reviewing notifications and looking at other pins to repin. I follow people that I’m interested in both personally and professionally so my home stream is a combination of gorgeous places to visit and delectable foods to make, marketing blogs, infographics and fantastic tech toys. I pin what I’m interested and things I think my followers might be interested in.

  1. Be active, even if it’s just a couple of times a day pinning your own original content and pins from websites, as well as repinning other people’s pins.

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1) For business I love the “shelf life” of pins that link back to my blog content. I’m still getting traffic from Pins I pinned 6 months ago. For personal use, I love all the recipes. My wife’s a teacher so to help her out I do all the cooking in the house. I enjoy it and I can always find some new exciting recipe to try

2) I think the key to getting more followers is to show your personal side. Don’t just pin all of the same thing all the time. Show a variation of pins that reflect your personality. Cross-promoting your pins across other social media networks can bring a ton of new followers who want to see more of your content.

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What tactics have you employed that have brought you more Pinterest followers?

If this is overwhelming for you and you feel like you are going around and around with Pinterest and not getting anywhere contact me to learn more about my Pinterest Marketing Course for Business.