When you think of social media marketing, Facebook and Instagram come to mind. It’s easy to forget Pinterest, which is often misjudged as only a mood board for #inspo. So it might come as a surprise, that Pinterest is one of the largest website traffic drivers in the world!

So, what exactly is Pinterest marketing?

Pinterest marketing utilises Pinterest to increase the awareness and audience of your brand using a visual marketing platform.

So, it’s Instagram? Not exactly!

Every pin can be linked to your website, whereas over on Instagram, you can only link in paid ads or organically in your bio, which makes Instagram not as good for increasing traffic to your website.

What makes Pinterest different?

Pinterest is for visual inspiration, research and buying.

Facebook and Instagram in 2019 and beyond, is moving further and further toward, #darksocial, conversation and private groups.

Pinterest is considered a happy place, while Facebook and Instagram get caught up in toxic harassment, fake news and bullying.

Fun facts

What about paid advertising?

Pinterest ads are a pay-for-placement structure, where your ads are placed in the feed, with an image, description and link displayed in feeds or search results. Ads are blended in with other pins, with many reports suggesting that users enjoy seeing an ad because it exposes them to relevant and new brands they may not have discovered.

Should you jump on the Pinterest marketing board?

If you produce amazing visual content and your goal is to increase brand awareness and website traffic, Pinterest is a great tool that will allow you to reach a new audience. Instead of choosing which social platform to utilise, find a balance between the relevant platforms with a focus of amazing content and targeting your audience.

Do you use Pinterest for your brand’s marketing? Let us know in the comments below.