Over the past decade social media has shaped the way that we interact with each other – most of us have become acclimated to communicating information 24/7. So, at this point in the social media craze, we are all aware that Facebook and Twitter lead the “social media pack” – but what about Pinterest?

For those of you who don’t know, Pinterest allows users to add and share photos they like. Some pins are of fabulous outfit ideas, yummy recipes, beautiful vacation spots, creative party plans, and don’t forget the DIY’s! The list of pinning categories on Pinterest could go on forever! Users add these photos to themed “pinboards” that other users can then re-pin or like. In just 5 years, this creative social media site has made its’ presence known with nearly 70 million users to date, and continuing to grow.

As we are all adjusting to advertisements showing up on our Facebook and Twitter feeds, are you ready for ads on Pinterest as well? Ben Silbermann (CEO and President of Pinterest) announced in September that Pinterest is now testing how they will include “promoted pins” on their site. These promoted pins will be personalized recommendations based on what each user searches for and pins. Silbermann assures users that unlike other social media advertising, Pinterest ads will be tasteful, transparent, relevant and improved based on your feedback.

While Pinterest is still in the early stages of testing the promoted pins, it is definitely something for companies to be on the lookout for in the future. In the meantime, if your company does not currently have a Pinterest, it may be a great time to join the band wagon before the new promotional pins roll out!

Here are a few reasons your company should not overlook Pinterest in its social media campaign:

No longer just images – Pinterest has a feature allowing users to pin interesting articles to their boards. If your company has a blog, posting an interesting topic on Pinterest may be a great way to get it trending!

Available on mobile – Many users (including myself) could spend hours on Pinterest, but with the Pinterest App, pinning is even more irresistible! Now you can easily connect with users not only at home but on-the-go as well!

Online Showroom – While it may just seem like Pinterest is an idea sharing community, users do actually purchase the items they see! With 80% of users being women, a majority are between the ages of 25-44 – they definitely have purchasing power, take advantage of it!

Overall, utilizing Pinterest, especially when promoted pins become available, could increase the amount of purchases both in-store and on-line at your company.