Facebook, the leading social networking site, once dominated the world of digital photo sharing. The scenario entirely changed when Pinterest was introduced. The availability of a Pinterest app for Ipad is a clear indication of its competitiveness and goal to take digital photo sharing to a new level. Majority of you might already tried the web version of Pinterest and find it very easy to use. Does this mean it goes true with its mobile version as well? If you still can’t decide whether grabbing the Pinterest app for Ipad is worthwhile, browse through this article and discover interesting as well as lacking features from its overall package.

Why choose Pinterest?

Probably the best thing about Pinterest for Ipad is that configuring it won’t cost you so much time. Even those who never tried installing apps on their Ipad before managed to pull it through within a few minutes. For those who don’t have a Pinterest account yet, they can simply link their Facebook account and get started without undergoing a tedious sign-up and confirmation process. After completely gaining access to the app, you’ll be asked to pick a series of photos so it can determine your preferences. Same as its web version, you are not restricted regarding what photo to browse and share using the Pinterest app for Ipad.

User interface

The Ipad user interface of Pinterest is basically similar with its web version. Nonetheless, a few adjustments were made to accommodate and efficiently use the Ipad’s touch-screen feature. Navigating through the Pinterest app for Ipad is pretty simple and being a master in sharing and enjoying photos won’t cost anyone so much time and effort.

Does it offer what we really need?

One downside of Pinterest for Ipad is that it won’t allow you to pin photos directly in Safari, which is the commonly used Ipad browser. You still need to access the Pinterest browser where you’ll need to type the exact address of the photo you want to pin in order to get it done. There are also several cases where users experienced frequent freezes and lags while sharing photos through the Pinterest for Ipad. You also can’t edit your board descriptions and profile information using this app.

Is it possible to upload photos?

The Ipad version of Pinterest does not offer an upload feature. This means you need to acquire another app to carry out this task such as the Photo Uploader. This is really what turned down a lot of Ipad users to get this app which is contrary to the Android version of Pinterest which supports upload and other useful features found on its web version. Seems unfair right?

The verdict

The Pinterest app for Ipad is indeed useful. It’s perfect for anyone who loves sharing beautiful photos to their peers, family, and loved ones. The Pinterest app for Ipad is free so there’s nothing to worry about frustrations after grabbing it since you can simply get rid of the app in just one click. But then again, it’s quite obvious that the current version of this app needs a lot of improvement before it deserves to be among the most needed Ipad applications today.

Andrew James is a social media marketer and blogger, interested in social networks, high-tech and Flash Templates.