Hear me out!

I’m assuming you are a business owner or solopreneur and looking for creative ways to market your current business.

Well, you’re in luck! I have THE marketing secret that no one else will tell you about.

If you put in the time to be consistent on this platform, you will reap many benefits including an increase in brand awareness, inexpensive ads, consistent free organic website traffic, and the ability to make passive income.

Seriously, who would pass an opportunity like that up?

Here is the answer to your stressors.

Use Pinterest in your marketing strategy!

Most people don’t realize that Pinterest isn’t just a social platform for moms anymore; it’s a place where shoppers of all industries go to find things to buy.

Pinterest is second only to Facebook in driving referral traffic to websites. So if you are interested in getting more eyes on your website, Pinterest monetization is a great option.

It’s a visual search engine and an untapped resource for many brands.

If used properly, Pinterest can drive traffic to your website and give you the opportunity to impress and influence them to continue on your website.

Here’s WHY your business should be marketing on Pinterest.

Brand Awareness!

I have seen and helped small brands increase their revenue, opt-ins, and customer loyalty using the power of Pinterest.

I know it sounds crazy, but as I said, hear me out!

Pinterest allows you to build brand awareness in your business by giving you an easy to use platform.

Pinterest is already an established platform with over 380 million monthly users and you get access to all of them!

You can post pins made from photos and videos on your Pinterest page. Then, with the right keywords and website SEO, you will start bringing in consistent website clicks and monthly revenue.

This is completely free and brings in organic traffic!

That’s right, Pinterest costs no money upfront, and with the right strategy in place, there is little marketing hassle.

On top of free organic traffic coming directly to your website making you sales, Pinterest has inexpensive paid advertisement opportunities.

With Pinterest, you have a built-in affluent audience who is ready to buy and looking for inspiration. They are researching and looking for the perfect product for their immediate need.

97% of searches are unbranded, which means Pinners aren’t tied to certain brands and are open to trying new products.

If you have the right content or products, then using Pinterest ads to reach your audience is a no-brainer.

Okay, all this talk is all fun and games, but I know what you’re thinking.

Show me the money!

How can Pinterest create a passive income channel for you to help you make an unlimited amount of income?

It’s actually simple.

The pin you create links back to your website, product, guide, course, blog, or really anything you can sell online.

You have a platform willing to push your content to over 380 million people per month and all you have to do is create valuable content consistently, or hire a Pinterest marketing agency to drive traffic to your produced content like a blog, video channel, podcast, or opt-in.

If I’ve already convinced you, then hop over to Pinterest right now and start building your free business account. If you’re not convinced, keep reading…

We know Pinterest can increase brand awareness, website traffic, and monthly revenue, but there are other important ways that Pinterest can support you with building your business.

Pinterest can grow your email subscriber list if you have all the right funnels in place on your website.

Pinterest can increase your Youtube subscriber list by linking your videos to a pin.

Pinterest can repurpose your Instagram content

You can auto-schedule months of Pinterest content to post via Tailwind in less than an hour.

Pinterest can integrate to Shopify and Etsy if you are selling using those websites.

You can also install Rich Pins.

Rich pins extract info from your website, like the price and product description, and plugs it into the pin. The Pinner can click on the “shop” button which allows them to purchase and check out without leaving Pinterest.

Pinterest really is the powerhouse of all social media and SEO marketing platforms.

Instead of trying to piece-meal your social media and search engine optimization across multiple platforms and channels, Pinterest can simplify your strategy and produce even more powerful results.

Pinterest is the all-in-one powerhouse that can support your traffic and revenue goals while building trust and brand awareness. If you’ve been wanting to try a new strategy with a very high percentage of success, jump into Pinterest, and start Utilizing organic posting and ad strategy.

And if you want to learn even more, check out my free Masterclass to learn how to double your sales using Pinterest.