Pinterest has added another feature to help customize its user experience, and it looks to be another killer way to divert search activity (and budgets) its way. Last week the company launched “Guided Search”—a visual way for users to explore Pinterest based on topical suggestions as you browse pins. The suggestions are based on the pin descriptions and associations Pinterest has learned to make between all of the content in its database. Guided Search has launched with the latest mobile versions of the Pinterest app and will be slowly rolled out on desktop in the coming months.

Recent research shows that 39% of active Pinterest users are choosing Pinterest over traditional search engines like Google. But they search in a more casual, spontaneous way: 66% of them use Pinterest to search with no specific project in mind, and 43% of them are browsing the platform without looking in a specific category. Both of these actions will be improved by the release of Guided Search. Guided Search will help improve the Pinterest experience for users that frequently search for specific items in the Pinterest search box, users that don’t browse by category, and users that come to Pinterest looking for new ideas with no specific project in mind.

This research also shows that 59% of new users have tried a new activity or project because of Pinterest. As Pinterest use increases, the amount of projects a user has tried increases as well. Sixty-six percent of users that are on Pinterest daily say they have tried six or more new Pinterest-inspired activities or projects. Guided Search is bound to help spur users to try new activities, projects, recipes and products, as it guides users to more accurately find what they are looking for.

So what does Guided Search mean for brands? It will be another authentic way for brands to win with Pinterest’s upcoming Promoted Pins business. But, brands need to make sure that they are creating and curating killer content that is worthy of discovery. Like search on Google, great content drives ROI.