Did you know that Pinterest is helping to drive more sales than Facebook? What this means to you, as a local business owner, is that pinning can equal profit, as well as more exposure for your company online. Not sure what to pin? We have you covered with six ideas for your pinboards in today’s To-Do Tuesday!

Master Pinterest for business below:

  1. Create a board to highlight your products. Do you have multiple products? Then why not also create multiple boards? According to Search Engine Journal, shoppers referred by Pinterest are 10% more likely to make a purchase than visitors who arrive from other social networks, including Facebook and Twitter. [Tweet this] They’ll also spend 10% more.
  2. Showcase your local support. If you support a local cause, you can highlight the charity, its events, and people involved through your pinboards. This is a great way to show the community that you’re giving back, while helping to increase interest in your company.
  3. Create themed boards. Holiday-themed boards are very popular on Pinterest, as well as boards that feature any seasonal products you have. Don’t have seasonal products? Consider how your products could be used in a seasonal setting to throw a little festive spirit into your boards. Get creative and get more pins!
  4. Learn something. Have you ever considered what your Pinterest boards could teach you about your target market? Jerilyn Soncrant, senior manager of social media at Scott’s Marketplace suggests, “Pin products you’re thinking about carrying in your store. Then ask your customers which items they like best. The items that get the most repins, comments, and likes are more than likely the items they would purchase. Another idea would be to look at what pins are most popular on your competitors’ Pinterest pages – more than likely your customers would like these types of items as well.”
  5. Promote a lifestyle. Jerilyn recommends, “Feature products that align with your brand. If you own a surf shop, your brand is probably laid back and life revolves around the ocean. You could create boards about tides, water, ocean life… really anything that relates to the lifestyle your brand encompasses.”
  6. Pin your team’s passion. Don’t let people get bored of your boards (see what we did there?) by giving them a personal feel. Does everyone at your office love dogs, skiing, or maybe just sweets in general? Create a pinboard about it and show what makes your company unique.

Bonus tip: Search Engine Journal says that “A call-to-action pin description sees an 80% increase in engagement, resulting in immediate action.” For example: Use “Repin this,” “Comment below,” or “Click here,” to encourage your followers to interact with your page.

Want even more Pinterest tips and tricks? Check out our free guide — How to Use Pinterest: A Get-Started Guide for Local Businesses. If you have specific questions regarding how to use Pinterest for business, leave them in comments below. Our senior manager of social media, Jerilyn, will be glad to answer them!

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