Stephanie Duncan is a lifestyle blogger, wife and stay-at-home mom of two girls in Atlanta, GA. She’s currently dreaming of moving with her family to the City of Roses, Portland, OR, a move she hopes they’ll be able to make soon. After adopting their youngest daughter Sawyer, Stephanie has inspired and connected with many by sharing her infertility and adoption experiences on her blog LET IT BE. In her free time, Stephanie can be found at the yoga studio, in the kitchen making baby food, or at the local coffee shop. Her impeccable taste for fashion, art, healthy eating, and overall style has earned her over 160,000 Pinterest followers!

When did you start using Pinterest?

I started using Pinterest in February of 2011. I was immediately sucked in and not only loved repinning gorgeous images, but following them to the source. I enjoyed discovering beautifully curated small shops, young photographers and designers, and incredible blogs. I loved the process of selecting and arranging pictures, and the fact I could creatively collect and display these things with just a touch of a button was incredibly satisfying.

Why do you like Pinterest?

I love Pinterest now for completely different reasons than when I originally started. Somewhere along the way my interest shifted to the bigger picture. While I enjoy the beautiful images independently, what became more intriguing to me is the message and mood that they convey as a whole. I love to see the melting pot of pins from all the people that I follow and the combination of their inspirations in one space. It’s all so fascinating to me. I’m curious about what makes a pin successful or not and why some are universally liked and others completely ignored. I love the randomness of it all.

All over the world, at different times, we are pinning for all different reasons… then it is joined together. It becomes collaborative and visually tells a story. There is something romantic about that. There are people that I pin alongside daily and I feel strangely connected to them.


Tell us more about your Pinterest boards. What are your favorite boards to pin on and why?

My fashion boards (fashionation, glamourization, accessorization and ornamentation) are by far my favorite and most popular. Before becoming domesticated, I worked in fashion as a buyer and visual merchandiser. I have loved fashion all of my life. While I may waiver on making decisions in other areas of my life, I am extremely decisive when it comes to fashion and I think that is something that my followers appreciate. I have a consistent point of view and I’m proud of that.

Tell us more about your blog LET IT BE! How did you get into blogging?

I started to follow some great blogs back while I was carrying my oldest daughter. Sitting up late at night unable to sleep comfortably I endlessly scrolled through runway shows and design blogs. After having my daughter, my focus changed and I started be drawn to women that were blogging about their lives, especially mothers that I could relate to.

I have kept a journal all of my life. The idea of writing and sharing your experiences and perspective with others appealed to me. Blogging seemed brave to me. You are putting yourself out there to be judged and inviting comments and opinions. I was scared and excited simultaneously.

Your blog describes your interests as: fashion, art, photography, design, music. Can you explain more?

LET IT BE was started when I was desperately searching for a creative outlet. At the time I was struggling with infertility and needed a distraction. I started writing and posting on things that I loved, fashion, art, photography, design, music. These are things that I enjoy, things that take me away from reality and allow my mind to wander.

After making the decision to adopt, my blog became more personal. It was hard for me, but I was determined to share my experience with others. My content was determined more by my emotions. I tried to share things that filled me with hope and determination. My readers were along for the ride.


What are your plans for the future?

I am excited about the future. The past several years I have really been focused on growing our family. It feels strange to start to think about myself again, but I am excited about the possibilities. I hope to continue to write and create and I hope to meet lots of other people that do the same.

I look forward to moving my family to the city we have dreamed of living in for a long time, finally putting down roots and becoming part of a community. I plan to work hard at being a good mother and example to my girls. I plan to be a good wife to my incredible husband. I intend to commit to the long list of things that I hope to learn more about – and pin along the way, of course!

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