Sara Harvey is a designer and illustrator from Kansas City, Missouri where she moved from her hometown of Little Rock, AR to attend art school at Kansas City Art Institute. Now she works for Hallmark Cards, where she’s been for over eight years, designing everything from greeting cards to products. She lives with three adorable cats and a Husk and loves to collect things, especially toys. Sara is always creating, whether it’s making crafts, painting, doing graphic design or sculpting. Her love for designing, collecting, and creating has earned her over 3M Pinterest followers!

When did you start using Pinterest and what inspired you to make an account?

I can’t remember exactly when I started using Pinterest but it was close to when it was launched. Since I work with a lot of other artists and designers, a friend introduced me to it and I instantly became hooked. I love collecting things and I’ve always researched and collected inspiration so Pinterest was a place where I could organize all of it and no longer had to have tons of folders on my computer of images I could never find. Pinterest is a place to organize my brain.

Why do you like Pinterest?

Pinterest is the perfect place to organize my inspirations and things I find interesting in some way. I also love that I can discover and find all kind of new things. You can now find just about anything on Pinterest. I use it a lot to do research for my designs for work. I pin things I like randomly throughout my day. I also like to pin typography inspirations onto my Typography Hand Lettering board. I have a lot of different styles and Pinterest is just a great place to find a lot of cool designs. Pinterest is especially helpful when the holidays roll around to find holiday inspirations too.

Sara’s blog For the Love of Toys

You have gained over 3M followers! Amazing! So what makes you and your Pinterest unique?

To be honest, I have no idea how I gained that many followers. I’ve never done anything to promote my Pinterest because it was never something I did for other people. The fact that others enjoyed the things I pinned was just an extra unexpected bonus. So I guess my Pinterest is unique in that everything I pin is for me: art, furniture, products I like, images that give me inspiration as an artist, clothing inspiration, etc.

Your Pinterest says you’re living in Kansas City. Tell us what it’s like living there! Have you lived anywhere else in your life?

Kansas City is a pretty place to live and I find that my surroundings can be quite inspirational. The weather is a bit crazy, it never knows what it wants. One day it could be 90 degrees and the next day it’s snowing. I think what’s kept me here is that there are a lot of great artists that live here. I always have people around me that give me inspiration. Other than growing up in Arkansas, Kansas City is the only place I’ve lived but who knows what the future holds. I’ve always been open to change.

Have you traveled much? If so, where and when?

I’ve had quite an interesting life up to this point that has kept me from traveling but things have changed drastically in the past year so I plan on traveling more. There are a lot of things I missed out on and places I very much want to explore and see. Most of my traveling was done when I was younger and I don’t feel like I appreciated what I was seeing at the time.

Sara’s gnome illustrations

Tell us more about your Pinterest boards! What are your favorite boards to pin onto and why?

I pin everything because I love a lot of things. I think my typography, illustration, clothing, and products boards are my favorites to pin to but honestly they all are, that’s why I created them. I graduated with an illustration degree so illustration is a huge passion of mine. My cute and fun graphics board also shares neat illustrations. I love art and I love discovering new artists I like that inspire me in some way, whether it’s color, style or subject matter.

Tell us more about your passion for toys. We love your Tumblr and Instagram “Toy A Day” feature – so cool! When did you start collecting?

I’ve collected toys pretty much my entire life. I could never let go of them and loved displaying them around me. I probably started really collecting about 14 years ago in college. Toy are little pieces of artwork to me and they tell me a story. A lot of illustrators I admired growing up started creating designer toys in the early 2000s and that’s when my collection kind of grew to crazy amounts. Before that I collected a lot of action figures as well. I could now surround myself with 3 dimensional characters that I loved as illustrations. I surround myself with little friends that create my own personal worlds. I love organizing and displaying them like art in my home. My Toy a Day Instagram and blog feature became a way for me to document what I have and share my passion with others. For quite awhile creating toys was something I had seen myself doing at some point in my life. I still plan on making that happen.

A peek at Sara’s toy collection organized on her wall

What are your plans and hopes for the future?

I’m getting a new start a life right now so I have no idea where I’m headed or what my plans are. There are so many things I enjoy doing, my life could go anywhere and I’m very excited to see what happens.

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