Pascale De Groof is a stay-at-home mom born in Belgium and now living in Turkey by the beach with her two children and their orange cat Gingy. She loves to travel the world, experience new cultures, learn new languages and meet new people. When she’s not on Pinterest, you can find Pascale at the beach, doing crafts, exercising or reading. Pascale’s love for fashion, home decor, and DIY crafts has earned her over 552K Pinterest followers!

When did you start using Pinterest and what inspired you to make an account?

I started using Pinterest not very long after it launched and remember thinking, wow it has such a nice concept! I found Pinterest through Facebook, where I saw a friend mention it and I requested an invitation to pin. It took a little time to get into it but once I did there was no stopping me! I remember telling my friend, “Watch out this one is going to get big!” — and that’s exactly what happened. During that same time I was very much into digital scrapbooking and was designing digital scrapbooking kits. I used to save links as bookmarks on my computer but hardly ever got back to them, but Pinterest changed all that. Visual bookmarking on Pinterest is so awesome!

Why do you like Pinterest over other social media platforms?

There is so much to like about Pinterest. When I used to bookmark sites I’d usually never re-visit them. Now I pin articles and products that are so easy to find and get back to I also love being able to follow people with similar tastes and interests as myself. Pinterest is very inspirational. I love fashion — I worked as a salesperson selling prêt-à-porter and designer clothes, and walked in a few fashion shows. I even got to meet fashion designer Gianfranco Ferre! Now that I’m a stay-at-home mom I love to pin fashion and keep up with my fashion blog.

Pascale on the catwalk

You have gained over 552K followers! Amazing! So what’s it like having 264 Pinterest boards and over 94,000 pins?

I just love to discover beautiful things to wear, decorating ideas, crafts, beauty tips, and recipes. 264 boards might sound like a lot but I can’t say that I’m overwhelmed. I got used to having them and it’s nice to have everything so organized. At first I thought, “Oh my, I am getting close to the 100,000 pin limit…” and was a bit frustrated by it. But then I realized that this limit isn’t really bad as it forces one to clean up their boards and that’s exactly what I do from time to time. I’m also really happy that Pinterest now warns us when we have already pinned something.

I pin on a daily basis and try to keep my boards well-organized. I start pinning in the early morning, my most favorite time of the day, when everyone still asleep; it’s just Pinterest, my coffee and I. Later on when my children are off to school I go for my daily walk on the beach. I’ll start pinning again later in the afternoon.

Pascale at the beach in Mersin

So you’re currently living in Mersin, Turkey. Tell us about that and your travels!

I haven’t always lived here in Mersin. I grew up in Belgium and I was 24 years old when I moved to Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. All-in-all I lived in UAE for around 12 years and 10 years ago we moved to Turkey. I also lived in a small town in Ohio, USA for 2 years which was fun. Wow! The amazing colors in autumn and the snow in winter — I got to make my first ever snow-angel in Ohio. I enjoyed those seasons most as it was a lot different from all of the hot, humid and sunny days in Abu Dhabi, but I missed the sea. So now I’ve been back here in Mersin, Turkey for 4 years.

What do you like about living in Mersin and Turkey?

Mersin is a large city on the Mediterranean coast of Southern Turkey. I live outside the city right on the beach with the Taurus Mountains behind us. It’s a lot quieter here than in the city. Living by the sea has been my ultimate dream come true. I really enjoy the sound of the waves, the many days of sunshine here, and the awesome sunrises and sunsets I see during long barefoot walks on the beach. I love collecting beach treasures for crafting and displays, reading a good book while sunbathing, a hike in the mountains, and trips to ancient sites, which there are plenty of here! The ancient Roman towns of Soloi-Pompeiopolis, Anemurium, Ellaiussa Sebaste. castles including Mamure, Kızkalesi and Namrun, are just a few.

Tell us more about your Pinterest boards. What are your favorite boards to pin on and why?

My seaside boards are my favorite because I live by the beach and I’m always looking for inspiration to decorate our home. I just love the beach and living right beside it, so I originally make one Seaside board, which I later on split up and created Seaside ChristmasSeaside apparel and accessoriesBeach Weddings and Fun At The Beach.

I also love to pin outfits to wear. My Fashion and Style, and Beauty and Wellness boards are amazing because you feel good when you look good. I believe that what you wear and how you decorate your home is a reflection of who you are. My many Wedding-themed boards are also fun to pin to and revisit. I love my quote boards a lot too… This is a hard question as I actually love them all!

Pascale and her daughter Selin

Tell us more about your blog She Wanders She Finds!

I created my She Wanders She Finds blog so my followers could get to know me better and because I missed blogging after having my previous scrapbooking blog. Unfortunately I haven’t had much time to really make it into what I had it intended to be, but soon that will change with colder days coming and more time spent indoors. I love to keep up with fashion trends, talk about good and interesting finds, create graphics and use quotes, and share pictures I take here. I have a long lists of things I will soon blog about.

What are your plans for the future?

I have a long list of places I want to visit: on top of that list is Morocco; Belgium, since I haven’t been home for 5 years now; Tenerife in the Canaries, where my mom is living; and I’d love to travel here in Turkey some more. I’ve always loved to learn about different cultures, taste foods I never tasted before, and learn new languages.

I definitely plan to keep up with my blog, I would love to own an online store one day, and I want to get back to horse-riding, something I so enjoyed when I was much younger. Oh and if I ever had the chance to walk on the catwalk again, even if it was only once, that would be so much fun.

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