Summer of Pinterest Promotions

With summer finally here, many businesses are creatively taking advantage of consumers’ shift in lifestyle and product necessities. And what greater tool than Pinterest to capture the essence of family vacations, tasty snacks and fashion trends?

Businesses are rolling out their finest marketing techniques to develop more intimate relationships this summer, and many are utilizing Pinterest promotions. Although promotions on Pinterest can be a tricky method to wrangle in new consumers, we have high hopes for summer 2013. We have researched several ongoing Pinterest promotions, and thought we would share two of our summer favorites with you! Not only do these campaigns define and expand Pinterest’s creative capacity, they also provide a cure to user’s summer boredom.

Target #SummerUp

Target is attempting to make this the best summer ever by teaming up with 72andSunny to raise awareness and increase summer fun inspiration. The hashtag, #SummerUp has been utilized on various platforms such as blog sites, Facebook, Vine and Instagram to reel in the moms of the summer. Over the three month block of summer, the content produced from these platforms is aggregated onto Target’s Pinterest board, #SummerUp.

Target's #SummerUp board illustrates its summer Pinterest promotion.

Target’s #SummerUp Pinterest promotion board is nothing short of eye-catching images and intriguing content. Pins range from summer reads, flip-flop cookies, DIY beach bags and family fun activities. Although the #SummerUp board is only five weeks old, the board has generated 90 pins, 9,094 repins, and 47,295 followers.

Lesson: Cross-platform promotion is a great way to increase traffic and awareness.

Schick Quattro for Women #PruneforJune

Schick Quattro for Women is not afraid to bare it all this summer. A brand that is all about staying sexy and free generated a contest via the Pinterest promotion “Prune for June Summer Style Contest“.

Schick Quattro's #PruneforJune Pinterest Promotion for summer 2013

The product and topic which Schick Quattro features can be touchy subject to discuss with women due to it’s intimate nature. However, the brand has successfully integrated a womanly product with this tasteful campaign.

Entry contestants were asked to pick one of the given topiary themes that best describes their personality. Once a theme was chosen, users were asked to create a Pinterest board with a catchy title and the hashtag, #PruneforJune in the board description. Contestants were then asked to pin anything and everything that relates to the desired theme as they compete for the prize.

Although the contest ended June 28th, “Prune for June” received over 5,000 submissions and over 100,000 votes. The winner will be announced July 3rd.

Lesson: Don’t be afraid to be creative!

Seasonal Pinterest promotions are a great way to develop strong personal connections with consumers. Not only do they increase the value of loyalty, but also give your brand a voice and personality. So, let your voice be heard, show off your bold personality and pin on!