Pinterest is a favorite among brands due to the selling power of the pinning paradise platform. (Say that 5 times fast.) The average shopper spends $60 when coming from Facebook, compared to $140 from Pinterest.

The visual bookmarking network will sell products and drive traffic, but it is the marketer’s job to get the right content to flourish and gain visibility. 490609715

Follow these 10 tips for increasing your brand’s Pinterest visibility and watch as the repins start pinning on!

  1. Make sure links are working. It might seem simple but double-checking links can be the difference in a repin and a post that gets scrolled by. Leading clickers to a 404 error page or the wrong landing page entirely can frustrate pinners, and will result in the post being ignored.  Do potential repinners a solid by clicking on links before posting to Pinterest. That way, there will be no confusion and full repinning potential!
  2. Use #hashtags. Hashtags are a proven tool for increasing a brand’s Pinteresting visibility. We highly recommend using them, but within reason. Stick to 1-3 well-planned hashtags per post. Anything higher, and the posts will start to look spammy to followers.
  3. Optimize websites for mobile and tablets. Considering that almost half of all Pinterest activity happens on tablets, it is clear that having a website that’s similarly optimized for tablets and other mobile devices will only help repins and increase shares.  Provide links back to your website in Pinterest posts and when users see how awesome the site looks on their tablets and how useful the content is, when they return to the pinning paradise, they’ll share it for all their followers to see!
  4. Pin exclusive coupons and offers. Thus far in 2014, one in four mobile phone users will redeem a coupon via mobile device. And that number will only increase!  Offering exclusive offers and coupons on Pinterest will increase repins and clicks throughs. As an added bonus, offering specials on the visual network will physically draw people into your store, connecting online and offline marketing.
  5. Target women. Women are four times as likely to be addicted to Pinterest than their male counterparts. (Would you agree ladies?) Don’t even waste time trying to reach men through Pinterest. Instead, focus content right at females to increase content visibility. Posting content made for men on Pinterest will not be interacted with. Repeat, not be interacted with.
  6. Partner with notable bloggers/pinners. Almost 50% of ladies say their beloved blogger influences their purchases.  Find an influencer on Pinterest that already uses your product, or that you know has done partnerships in the past. Getting a Pinterest influencer to represent a brand on their page will not only increase repins of content, but sales as well!
  7. Make followers hungry. Food is by far the most pinned to category on Pinterest. Over 57% of users are sharing photos of food!  If it aligns with the brand, leverage this to increase your brand’s online exposure. Don’t stretch for it though! If food doesn’t fit the brand’s page, use our other tips.
  8. Use multiple dominant colors in pictures. Instead of posting photos that use one dominant color, don’t be afraid to use two or three in pictures.  Images with multiple dominant colors tend to get repinned 3.25 times more than images that only use one. When putting together images for Pinterest, use several vibrant and distinct colors.
  9. Minimize backgrounds on images. When taking or selecting photos to post, keep in mind that smaller backgrounds perform better. The subject of the picture should be by far the majority of the image.  Make the subject such a large part of the image, that the whole picture has less than 30% background. Filling up the image is a simple tactic to increase repins.

Success on Pinterest can mean more revenue and contribute to the success of a business. Capitalize on this pinning paradise platform. Your CEO, and sales, will thank you.

What other Pinterest tricks have you used to increase repins? Comment below or Tweet us!