If you’re like me, you might be wondering how to use Pinterest as a business tool. It just seems like a bunch of pictures of cute dogs and six-inch heels. Well, it’s a little more than that. Pinterest can build your brand awareness, just like Facebook and Twitter. Pinterest can work in retail, as well as service industries. It’s a great place to showcase new products, infographics and tip/tricks.

Think about your audience. What are they searching for? If you own a boutique shop, pictures of six-inch heels and earrings might work for you. If you’re in the service industry like us, portfolio pieces and “how to” material is a great starting point. I did some research and came up with five tips on how to use Pinterest to build your brand.

  1. Educate your audience – “How to” material is a great way to engage your audience. Answer their questions. Update your content/pins with industry trends. Ebooks, white papers, and videos showcase your expertise. You can pin the image of the content with a live link to download the material.
  2. Become a Resource – If your clients/customers have a problem, offer a solution. Check out Target. Not only do they provide pinners with home décor and fashion apparel, they offer quick and easy cocktail recipes and kid snacks. Create several different boards that feature different websites, blogs, and tips/tricks. No one wants to see screenshots from your website – unless it’s new. Be funny, be helpful, brag a little – but not too much, and have fun.
  3. Use Keywords – Use keywords to describe the pin/image.  Avoid using words such as “so cute,” “good idea,” or “fun.” What are your followers or prospective clients searching for? Provide relevant content to reach your audience. Using keywords to describe your pins/pinboards will make your company searchable. Don’t make it hard for your customers to find you.
  4. Connect with Twitter or Facebook – Pinterest makes it easy to connect with Twitter and Facebook. If you’re looking to gain followers, post a pin on Facebook or Twitter. Facebook loves images; Twitter loves hashtags. Use them! Make sure to update all your social media outlets. If your Facebook and Twitter accounts are not regularly updated, create a social media strategy and get started!
  5. Invite – Invite industry leaders to pin on a specific pinboard. Do you share common interests? Not only are you receiving relevant content that’s helpful to your audience, but you’re building credibility. Do you share a common interest with email marketing strategies, or photography, or vintage clothing? Invite industry leaders to pin helpful tips on an “email marketing strategy” pinboard.

Remember, Adashmore Creative is new to Pinterest. We’re learning with you and looking for followers! Check us out: Adashmore Creative