How to turn your Pinterest Boards into a PDF file so you can refer to them off-line by Krishna DeIf you have been using Pinterest in your content marketing you will know how powerful a platform it is for visual content curation and discovery – both for business and personal use.

But perhaps you have wondered how you could turn the images you create into a PDF that you could then print and use in your meetings perhaps with your team or with clients?

This is where the content curation platform just might prove efficient for you. I recently tested the platform to turn a Pinterest board I had curated after an event into a PDF and JPEG presentation and below you will find a summary of how to use it in conjunction with your content marketing.

Turning Your Pinterest Boards Into A PDF Or JPEG Image

1. Create your free account at

2. Add the bookmarklet to your browser tool bar

3. Open the Pinterest board you want to curate as a PDF or JPEG

4. Click the bookmarklet tool and you will then have the opportunity to select multiple pins from your Pinterest board

5. You can reorganise the content of your curated pages including identifying which page is to be the cover of your PDF or JPEG

6. Edit and style the content including setting the style of your fonts

7. You can then download the Clipzine you have curated from your Pinterest board images as a JPEG or PDF file – the PDF will have a live link back to your Pinterest board

8. The option is then available to embed your Clipzine on your website or blog, pin it to Pinterest or share it on Facebook.

Additional Clipzine Features In Development

The site indicates that the following features will be available (you get a unique URL for your Clipzine so can cross post to social networks in the meantime):

– Sharing to Delicious, Google Plus, LinkedIn and Twitter (plus other social bookmarking sites)

– Sharing the content to Blogger, Tumblr and Typepad (plus other sites) – cross posting to is already available

– Publishing to SlideShare, DocStoc and Issuu – posting to Scribd is already available

– Sharing the image to Instagram and Flickr plus other photo sharing sites.

How to curate your Pinterest boards as a PDF

Enhancements I Would Like To See From The Platform

As a free service if you want to curate your Pinterest board the service is helpful. Here are some changes I would like to see to enhance the service:

– I personally dislike having no option other than to register for an account on a technology platform other than with a Facebook account which is how Clipzine is currently set up. Registration using an email and password address would be welcomed.

– Once you have logged into the platform there is no way to disconnect your Facebook account – I’d like to see this feature added.

– At the time I registered and tested the platform, the help desk was not working so I could not contact the site owners about questions I had about the platform.

– There are some elements of personal data (such as location and date of birth) that are required when registering for your account which I think are unnecessary – if these do need these to be provided I would like to see a notification that these are not going to be made public .

– You can curate content from several boards or event other peoples Pinterest accounts into a Clipzine. However if you want to add separate pins or content rather than curating from one Pinterest board, the styling of the Clipzine means that there are large spaces for text which do not seem to be able to be reduced – it would be good to have the same styling available as you have from a curated board.

Overall for a free platform, will be a platform that I am sure a number of Pinterest users will appreciate. There are many curation tools available which offer similar functionality but the promise of the future functionality for me identifies it as a platform to watch in the future.

Bonus Tip For Creating A Quick PDF Of Your Pinterest Boards

Curating your Pinterest Boards as a PDFIf you do not want to create a Clipzine of your content and just want a simple PDF of your boards for reference (note I do not consider this the best way of ‘backing up’ your account and recommend specific services for that) then follow these tips:

– Navigate to the board that you want to print as a PDF

– Either click ‘File Print’ in your browser tool bar or click ‘Control P’ on your PC which provides you with the option to print – set your printer to save the document as a PDF rather than sending it to your printer

– Save the PDF to your hard drive.

Do you ever turn your Pinterest boards into JPEG’s or PDF’s so you can refer to them when not online? What other approaches do you use to do so?

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