Pinterest and holiday marketing make a perfect pair. This image-based platform is a top tool to help you grow your business during the holiday season.

In this post, I’d like to share ways to leverage Pinterest. As we go through the following sections we’ll look at why Pinterest shines as a social media and content curation platform, especially during the holiday season.

Create holiday-themed boards

For certain topics, Pinterest is a preferred search platform for many people. It’s a great way to find content around a specific theme or subject.

During holidays, people often look for images to help them get ideas and find products or gifting ideas. In such cases, Pinterest becomes a go-to search platform. And the website delivers high-quality image content that people can save to their own boards. Your audience may also choose to simply follow themed-boards to get updates whenever new and relevant content is added.

If you create a board for a specific theme and populate it with Pins or image posts relevant to the theme, you’ll get an increase in followers, saves, and engagement.

So, look for ways to create holiday-themed boards that are relevant to your industry or products. Here’s an example where Starbucks has created a Holiday board with pictures of holiday drinks, gifting, and general images that resonate with the season.

Starbucks’ Holiday-themed Pinterest Board. Source

A grooming and clothing company could create boards for holiday hairstyles and fashion. While a design company could curate content for card or gift ideas.

The key is to have a clear idea about your customers and the kind of information they will look for during the holiday season. When you understand this, you can create relevant boards that help them.

Generally speaking, Pinterest is often used during the holidays for the following:

  • Gifting ideas
  • Crafts, hobbies, and related activities
  • Festival themed images to share on other social media
  • Decoration ideas

Some brainstorming around the kind of information that will help your customers will give you great board ideas. If you make a comprehensive and relevant board, you’ll get followers whom you can engage with and build your brand.

Rank for SEO

Google likes to provide comprehensive and relevant content when people search for a keyword or phrase. One way that Google does this is by providing a variety of content formats from trusted sources.

Because of this, it’s possible to rank on the first page for a broad keyword using Pinterest. Do some research using SEO tools and come up with topics that form an intersection of your brand or product, holiday topics, and topics for the season.

Adding enough posts on the board and adding keyword-rich descriptions can help you get your board rank on the first page. When your board name, Pin descriptions, images, and links all align around the holiday season, you have a better chance of appearing on the front page for holiday-themed results.

Curate content

Pinterest is a natural content curation platform. Content curation is another way to create content without starting from scratch. Usually, this is from a variety of sources and on Pinterest, this takes the form of images.

Today, gifs and videos are also supported on Pinterest. If you want to share textual content, you can create quotes and attractive text-based images and make sure that these Pins link back to relevant pages on your site. If you plan your pages and content well, you could lead your Pinterest audience to subscribe to your website or even buy a product after interacting with your Pinterest content.

Curating content saves your audience’s time and when they find that you have helpful tips, gift ideas, holiday recipes, and other content, they’ll follow your boards and associate your brand with great information.

Use Rich Pins

Rich pins are an awesome feature from Pinterest where the content on pins dynamically changes when the original content changes. To be more specific, if you made a Pin from a recipe post or a product, then Pinterest will display information derived from the markup content. And if you made changes to your page, then these changes will appear on the Pin as well. Using rich pins is a powerful way for your content to appear as a result when users type in specific terms.

Add Open Graph and markup tags to your blog content to enable Pinterest to understand what your content is about. Here are the types of content that Pinterest supports with rich pins:

  • Products
  • Blog posts
  • Recipes

Adding dynamism to your Pins and giving it information markers will boost your holiday content. Use a tool like AIOSEO to make schema markups easy and automatic on your site. This will reflect on your Pins and optimize your content.


One of the things to remember when creating your Pinterest marketing strategy is to keep your goals in mind.

Some possible goals are to improve your brand image or create conversions. If you want to bring attention to your brand, then you may choose to curate content from different sources, even those that aren’t from your brand.

If you want to send traffic to your site or get your audience to buy from you, then you’ll want to create images and posts that are entirely sourced from your website.

With the information provided here and careful planning, you should see improved engagement and conversion rates during the holidays. Pinterest is a powerful tool that can boost your business. So plan to leverage it before the holidays arrive to see the best results.