Re-purpose Your Pinterest For Blog Posts And More!

One of the most versatile website tools we have is available are RSS feeds!

You probably now where to find the RSS feed for most of your social sites… but did you know that your Pinterest account has RSS feeds too?

It’s pretty easy to find and really useful for a number of social and SEO tasks.

Here’s where to find them…

View a USER RSS feed by going to the user’s Pinterest URL, and adding /feed.rss to the end of the link.

Like this example: (my username is ‘askkim’)

View a specific BOARD feed by going to the board URL, replace the final / with .rss

Like this example: (my board name is ‘noms’)

You can do all sorts of things with these feeds including bookmarking, pinging, exporting, syndicating and more. One example of this would be to add the feed URL to the RSS Linkbomber plugin for syndication.

And the brand new PinToWp Plugin adds pins from Pinterest boards to your WordPress blog, on Complete Autopilot! This allows you to make Posts from specific Pinterest user feeds or from specific Pinterest board feeds!

As you can see these RSS feeds from your Pinterest account and Pinterest boards are really flexible so be sure to have fun!