Meet Sifra Hartog from The Hague, The Netherlands. She loves her hometown because it’s close to the beach, the sea, the dunes, and is ‘quite a big city’ but ‘also feels like a small village.’ She works at a PC store and web development company and loves her job. When she’s not working or pinning, Sifra can be found online shopping, outside running, and creating things with her hands, like scarves and bracelets, but she changes interests quickly.

“I’ll knit like 6 scarves, 10 beanies and a pair of socks and then I’m not interested in knitting anymore.” Her blog Loveology shares images of things that make her happy. Sifra’s passion for beautiful things, home decor, style, and DIYs has earned her over 3.5M Pinterest followers!

When did you start using Pinterest and what inspired you to make an account?

I started using Pinterest some years ago. I can’t remember exactly when. I’ve always loved anything beautiful. Thanks to my mum, I have quite an aesthetic eye. Since my childhood, I have had a huge passion for both fashion and interior. I’ve always found so much joy in the beauty of things, the colors, the shapes and the uniqueness of design.

Later, I also became interested in art and poetry. When I really discovered the Internet and all its possibilities, I started to browse a lot and came across so many beautiful things from all over the world. I wanted to collect those beautiful images and share them with others. Seeing beauty and finding joy in that is amazing, but sharing that beauty and joy with others is even better!

Why do you like Pinterest?

I love Pinterest because of its huge amount of members. You can find so many gorgeous things on Pinterest and so many people with an amazing sense of style! I also really love how your own boards turn into little pieces of art. Every time I add a picture the complete board changes! I find so much joy in making my boards look beautiful by matching the colors of the pictures and make them look interesting by adding surprising items to them.

Some of Sifra’s bracelets

You have gained over 3.5M followers. That’s amazing! So what makes your Pinterest unique?

Thank you! I feel very honored that so many people are following my boards, it feels very special. When I started using Pinterest, it was never my intention to gain a lot of followers. I just started it for myself, to collect all the beautiful images I found on the Internet. I never even looked at the number of followers the first few years. Then I started to receive emails from companies which were interested in a collaboration with my Pinterest and even from a woman who wanted to buy my complete Pinterest account. I was then aware of the large amount of followers I had gained and I felt very flattered.

To be honest, I’m not sure what makes my Pinterest unique. I think my boards are versatile and I don’t have one very specific style I hold onto. I love to mix it up and always add something a little different. My Pinterest doesn’t have to be too perfect. I like it when it clashes a bit and people are surprised by some of the pictures I pin. Also, I don’t only pin things that are in fashion right now. Older designs and fashion can be very interesting and inspiring as well and as I said, I love to mix it up!

What are your favorite places you’ve traveled to?

So far I’ve only traveled around Europe! Europe is a beautiful continent and I love visiting France, Italy and Spain. I’d love to travel outside of Europe though! Thailand, South Africa, Japan, New York and LA are definitely on my list.

What are your favorite Pinterest boards to pin onto and why?

I pin the most on style etc because I have the most followers there and I can really mix it up on that board! I also really love to pin on Heavenly Home and Happymakers. I pin on Happymakers when I come across an image that just instantly makes me happy because of its beauty, uniqueness or cuteness. Heavenly Home is also favorite because I can never get enough of beautiful interiors and I always look for inspiration for my own home.

What is your Pinterest aesthetic?

I don’t know if there’s a word for the aesthetic I have on Pinterest. Like I said before, mixing it up is really my thing. I have a weakness for simplicity, sporty and black & white, but I also have a huge weakness for color. I can never get enough of pink. When it comes to pink, I am such a girly-girl!

Sifra’s cat, Nilo!

Tell us more about your passion for home interiors, fashion, and photography! Tell us more about your blog!

I have had my passion for interiors, style, and photography since my childhood. They all just make me so happy.

I started Loveology back in 2007 and it started a bit like it started with Pinterest. I felt the urge to collect all of the beautiful things I found on the Internet and decided to start a blog to show and share all that beauty with others. At first, my blog was also quite personal… I used to post personal things and sometimes even posted a bit of poetry I wrote. But over the years it became less personal and more of a place to just post and share beautiful things which inspire me.

What are your plans and hopes for the future?

I have always dreamed of working for a magazine or being a stylist. I am also quite fascinated with the Internet and all its possibilities, so I’m happy with the way my life is right now. Also, I am not really the type of person who makes a lot of plans. I’ll just continue to go with the flow and I’ll see what comes my way!

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