McCall Humes is a stay-at-home mom from Las Vegas, Nevada. When she’s not on Pinterest or busy with her two sons, five-year old Jackson Everett and five-month old Wyatt Jude, she can be found watching her favorite shows on Netflix, like Orange is the New Black, or with friends doing fun activities like flash mobbing and yarn bombing. She also claims that she starts 70% of her conversations with, “I saw on Pinterest” or “I heard on NPR.” McCall’s love for party planning, cooking, and sharing beautiful imagery has earned her over 222K Pinterest followers!

When did you start using Pinterest and what drew you to make an account?

I started using Pinterest when it was very new, at the invitation of my sister and favorite pinner, Brittney ( We had been following several party planning and recipe blogs when she convinced me that Pinterest was an easy way to keep the ideas I was finding organized, rather than wasting time constantly reopening old starred emails. At the time, I was planning a super hero costume party at an indoor trampoline place to surprise my husband and it helped me store all the ideas I was finding, as well as look for others.

Why do you like Pinterest?

Pinterest has become my go-to search engine. I have curated such a wide variety of boards and I know exactly where to look when necessary. Even when I know a subject doesn’t apply to my current routine, if I love it I pin it. Then when a time comes that I need to buy a fancy dress for my husbands work party, I don’t have to spend time searching stores or the internet, I can simply go to my ‘black tie’ board and know that everything there is something I would wear. If I can’t get marker out of my kids’ bed frame, I just look to my ‘handy to know board.’ If it’s not there, chances are, it’s somewhere on Pinterest and will be easy to find.

You have gained over 220K followers! Amazing! So what makes your Pinterest unique?

I think that my boards are popular because there is such a wide variety within them. I have recipes, party and holiday boards, clothing, housewares, how-to’s, kids stuff and many more. I do my best to keep my boards organized. Since I’ve been on the site for so long, I have a larger than average amount of pins. I often edit my boards so they don’t get too overwhelming. At one point I had all my clothing on one board, but as it grew, I broke it down into: separates, everyday dresses, evening wear, black tie, outerwear and shoes. I try to do the same for all topics I pin. This way I can easily find a specific thing I have in mind. I think my followers appreciate how easy my profile is to navigate.

Yarn Bombing a Parking Lot (see her yarn bombing Pinterest board for ideas)

Your Pinterest says you’re living in Las Vegas. Awesome! What do you like about it there? Have you always lived there?

I grew up in Vegas, but have moved around a bit. I’ve also lived in Utah, Oregon, and most recently Austin, Texas. I have been back in Las Vegas for five years now. We moved home for my husband to go to law school at UNLV and to be closer to family once our son was born. It really is a great city with so much more than meets the eye. We have wonderful restaurants, a growing arts district, any kind of show you’d like to see, and a very culturally diverse population. It has proven to have a great variety of family-friendly events I can take my boys to as well.

Have you traveled much? If so, where and when?

Throughout my life, I have travelled around the US a lot. I have been to all of the Western states, and parts of the East Coast. I’ve had the opportunity to visit NYC a couple times in the last few years with my mother-in-law, and they have been some of my favorite trips.

I am a huge fan of road trips where I can stop and learn the history of the towns I’m passing and eat regional food. (Food is usually the number one priority when I’m on vacation.) I spent this weekend driving up to Salt Lake to catch the So You Think You Can Dance tour. Basically, any opportunity I get to roam, I take.

My husband and I ran a summer camp for blind and visually impaired teens in Portland, Oregon, every year for a decade and it continues to be one of my favorite cities.

McCall’s two boys, Jack and Wyatt

Tell us more about your Pinterest boards. What are your favorite boards to pin on and why?

My recipe boards are some of my favorites. Though I am definitely a fan of eating good food, I am not as much of a cook as I’d like to be. Finding food I know I would like really motivates me. I am in a monthly book club that themes its food to the current book. We rotate who is responsible for what part of the meal so this allows me to try a variety of menu items from Pinterest.

Your Cake I Could Make and Parties. Holidays. boards are great! Very inspiring. :) Tell us more about them and why you made them.

I share a board with some girlfriends called “Beautiful Cake.” One of them is actually a baker who could make them as pretty as those we find. We seek to inspire her with that board. My “Cake I Could Make” board is much more my speed. I started it so that my Pinterest inspired cakes didn’t end up on a “tried and failed” board somewhere. =)

The ‘Parties and Holidays’ is where all my party planning pinning (say that 5x fast) started. As the board grew, I split it into the individual holidays and topics like gift ideas and table settings. It is now a catch-all for nonspecific party decorations and ideas. It is one of my favorites as well.

McCall in a Thriller-themed Flash Mob in Las Vegas

What is your Pinterest aesthetic/style?

That’s hard for me to pinpoint (no pun intended, ok yes it was.) I have over 100 boards that run from baby clothes to menswear, cute animals to architecture, and gardening ideas. I honestly pin for myself, things that I would love to have in my life. For the most part it is down-to-earth, modern and do-able.

Tell us more about your passion for party planning and hosting!

Once again my sister is to blame for this part of my life. Around the time I returned to Vegas, she gathered a group of friends for our own backyard Summer Olympics complete with team flags, belly flops and water ballet. We had such a great time together that it became a monthly gathering. We take turns hosting and pass trophies around. Some of our previous events have been: ‘Minute to Win It’ games, cook offs, scavenger hunts, our own prom, and murder mystery parties. (These were what inspired my Speakeasy, Mad Men, and Masquerade boards.)

What are your plans and hopes for the future?

When I was in Austin, I interned as a carpenter. I would love to dust off my old tools and get back to it soon. My oldest son has some developmental delays and behavioral problems that have been pretty consuming over the last few years. Now that he has started school and I have more time, I am also considering starting a blog about my parenting experiences. We’ll see. Honestly, my most immediate hope is that the kids entertain themselves long enough that Momma can play around on Pinterest a little today.

McCall’s Speakeasy-themed Party

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