Pinterest users spend more than shoppers referred by other social media sites, with an average order value of $140-180 (compared to $80 and $60 for Facebook and Twitter). Pinterest actually accounts for 25% of all retail referral traffic.

It’s stats and, more importantly, results like these that have driven craftspeople, artists, Etsy shop owners, etc., (who I’ll collectively call “makers”) to Pinterest to develop brand recognition, cultivate community and ultimately make sales for their handmade, unique goods.

If you’re a maker too, follow their lead – the folks below are doing it right! They’ve grown a meaningful presence on Pinterest that drives sales to their businesses without being slimy.

Top 7 Pinterest Makers:

Christine Young on Pinterest

Christine Young has an impressive 346,000 Pinterest followers – which makes her influential in anyone’s book. But amassing a ton of followers isn’t the only criteria to having a successful account – Christine’s pins are consistently shared and liked too.

Her jewelry line, Young Frankk, gets prime positioning as the first board in her collection. You’ll also find boards dedicated to “Residential Spaces,” “Shoes,” and “Treehouses,” in her 52 collections – because the most engaging Pinners feature works outside their own.


MFEO is a husband and wife team making handcrafted lamps, desks, trays, frames from reclaimed materials.

The MFEO Pinterest account is a testament to their aesthetic and interests.

With boards on “Upcycle Design,” “Furniture Design” and “Booth Display Inspiration” their audience can follow along with their influences as the business grows.

Liz Lamoreux's Pinterest

Liz Lamoreux doesn’t just share what she makes (hand stamped pewter talismans) but what she wants to make too, in her “This I want to Make,” and “Building My Studio” boards.

Her 90 boards are a holistic look at her life and inspiration in it’s entirety, and the brand she’s created on Pinterest, as one of the top 50 followed pinners on the planet, is more about the overall lifestyle than any one product.

What does that mean? It means Liz’s hasn’t pigeonholed herself, and as her products and services branch out she’s probably already created an audience on Pinterest for what’s to come. Smart move!

AHeirloom's BoardsAHeirloom’s Bill Mowat’s fabrication experience keeps the production line for their state-shaped cutting boards business running smoothly, while Amy Stringer-Mowat is ramping up their Pinterest efforts.

Within the AHeirloom boards, you’ll find products they admire, inspiration from other woodworkers and makers, as well as architecture, food (a Pinterest must) and the latest and greatest from their own store.

With 3000 positive reviews for their products, appearances in The Food Network Magazine and Redbook, this duo is one to follow.

Three Bird Nest's PinterestThree Bird Nest makes headbands and boot cuffs (yes, that’s a thing) and their product images going viral on Pinterest have helped their store become one of the top 5 most popular on all of Etsy, with over 59,000 sales.

Their boards are feminine and romantic, which works a charm because their product line is too! Like other pro maker-pinners, the The Bird Nest account features their own products as well as boards covering associated topics their target audience will love.

Madison Street Beauty's PinterestLas Vegas based Madison Street Beauty makes all-natural mineral makeup and nail polish, and their Pinterest account proves they take promoting their brand seriously.

In addition to the expected boards covering beauty, makeup and style trends, you’ll notice they’re also participants in numerous group boards for Etsy sellers to cross promote.

If you’re not exploring group boards in your niche, take a hint from Madison Street Beauty and leverage them for more exposure.

Little Sapling Toys' PinterestLittle Sapling Toys are designed by Kimber and made by Nick out of Cedar City, UT – they specialize in teethers, rattles, blocks and ornaments.

What makes their Pinterest special is it’s focus on kids – education, activities, entertaining, feeding, playrooms, birthday parties, etc. It’s all about kids on the Little Sapling Toys’ Pinterest, and that makes sense, as their products are for little ones.

If you’re in the maker community, cultivating a Pinterest following is a no-brainer. Developing relationships with other makers can drive your business forward as well.

Start by following the seven makers’ Pinterest accounts above and implementing what they’re doing in your own handmade marketing strategy.