4 Tools to Improve Your Pinterest Marketing

Get More Activity From Pinterest With These 4 Tools

If you need to build brand visibility and generate more sales then this social network is still one of the top places to turn to in order to take advantage of the latest visual marketing techniques. Businesses can gain exposure online with increased website traffic and cross promotion to other social networks. Would you like to improve your reach on Pinterest? Take advantage of these four resources, and let me know how these work for you!

1) Creative beautiful visuals – loop88

The best type of branded content is something that your followers will want to share. loop88 helps your business develop a customized road map for content creation, improved profiles, and management of promoted pins. Create stunning visuals that will increase your sales results and exposure to influencers.

2) Find the best group boards – Pingroupie

In order to attract attention to your pins you need to share your content with right audience. Pingroupie helps you find the top groups for your business niche to pin and interact in. Get started by selecting a specific category and then search for results. You will be able to see how many members are in each group along with the date when the group was created. This is a great way to start making connections without having to send out cold requests.

3) Connect your Facebook Page with Pinterest – Pinvolve

Convert your Facebook images into pins or create viewable boards for your Page. Pinvolve allows you to connect your Page and save time in designing pins separately. Store your photos, convert posts to pins, and display your pins to your Facebook Page. This is a perfect solution for busy visual marketing professionals and bloggers.

4) Turn Pinterest content into sales – Olapic

Capture and upload the best brand imagery for all of your social networks. The Olapic app helps your business develop a targeted strategy that attracts an audience through strong visuals. Use this for a new product launch or include your network to brainstorm ideas. The app is available to iOS, Android, and computer users.

Hopefully you will find these Pinterest tools useful to your marketing strategy and visibility. Are there any that you would like to add as well?