Engagement on Pinterest Keeps Working Even When You Don't

As a social media marketer and Pinterest expert I know too well how marketers have to work harder than ever to get their content noticed. And that is especially true for service companies who are all competing to get noticed.  We craft blogs, articles, videos, webinars and ebooks all with the intent of engaging our potential prospects so we can build brand awareness, drive traffic to our websites and generate leads. It’s a lot of work!

From there we amplify our messages by leveraging social media and then we measure for results hoping for the biggest ROI possible. More work.

The great news is…

What if I told you that on Pinterest your content continues to work for you long after you’ve pinned? This does not happen on Facebook and Twitter.

Your content has a shelf life.

What I mean by shelf life is that at some point after you pin, tweet or post people stop engaging with it.

On Pinterest your pins continue to work long after you post them which increases your odds of engagement and that could mean more click throughs, repins, comments and likes.

Content on Facebook and Twitter doesn’t last very long. A link on twitter lasts approximately 2.8 hours, on facebook it’s 3.2 hours and via ‘direct’ sources (like email or IM clients) it’s 3.4 hours.

Now it’s a different story with Pinterest and you’re going to love this!

According to Piqora they found:

  1. 40% of the clicks happen within the first day.
  2. 70% of the clicks happen within first 2 days.
  3. Remaining 30% clicks come all the way through 30 days and beyond

Incredible isn’t it? This is heavenly for any marketer; the fact that your pin on Pinterest can still create engagement with your brand a full 30 days after you pin it.

When you pin an image on Pinterest it’s there forever unless of course you decide to delete it. 80% of the images are repins which tells you how your image has the potential to go viral. So from a marketer’s point of view it’s very rewarding to know that all your hard work continues to pay off for several weeks a month and even longer!

If you’re a marketer and you’re not sure about the best way to embrace Pinterest here eight steps showing you how to get your business started correctly on Pinterest:

1) Create a free Pinterest business account. If you have a personal account with a large following then consider converting it to a business account.


Make sure you verify your website to receive free Pinterest Analytics which provides you with information about:

  • What people are pinning from your website
  • Who is seeing your pins
  • Who is clicking your content

Pin it button

2) Pinterest can get overwhelming when you’re just getting started. Watch this video to learn how to use Pinterest for your business.

3) Promote your Pinterest profile by embedding a Pinterest button (Photo 2: see the green arrow) http://business.pinterest.com/widget-builder/#do_follow_me_button  on your website and blog.

4)  Make your website or blog is Pinterest friendly by adding a “Pin it” button

http://business.pinterest.com/pin-it-button/directly onto your product descriptions and blog images.  Adding a Pin It button will help you attract new visitors to your company’s website and product pages.

According to Curalate the “Pin It” button saw tremendous results: eight of Pinterest’s top 10 retail brands prominently displayed a Pin It button and brands like Ikea and Target generated nearly 1 million shares (aka pins and repins) from their website!

Engagement On Pinterest Keeps Working Even When You Don’t

5) Add your Pinterest URL on your LinkedIn profile.

6) Add a free Pinterest tab on your Facebook page by going to http://tools.shareroot.co/facebook-tab/

Engagement On Pinterest Keeps Working Even When You Don’t

7) Use a free tool like http://www.wisestamp.com to add Pinterest to your email signature box.

8) Add your Pinterest URL on your business cards, stationery, newsletters and all your marketing print materials.

When you employ these eight traffic generating tips you will be well on your way to growing your list of Pinterest followers and in turn growing your sales.

Good luck and pin with a caring heart.

If this is overwhelming for you and you feel like you are going around and around in circles with Pinterest and not getting anywhere contact me, Anna Pinterest Expert to learn more about my Pinterest Marketing Course for Business. (And how you can get one chapter for free)