You have achieved Pinterest perfection. Each board oozes with brand personality. You have taken everything that makes your physical storefront unique and turned and transformed it into something truly pintastic. You’re getting re-pins, your stuff is popular… life is good. But why be good when you could be great! Although your Pinterest strategy might be reflecting your physical store, is your physical store reflecting your Pinterest? Confused? Read on to find out more.

How to Create an

Sometimes the perfect Pinterest page isn’t enough. After all, we want all of this user engagement to lead to real life purchases, right? Don’t make the mistake of thinking that Pinterest is just about stuff you do online. What happens on Pinterest shouldn’t stay on Pinterest! Below we outline several ways you can implement a Pinterest strategy IRL (you know, “in real life”) to increase user engagement and hopefully bring in the money.

Instagram Hashtag

Imagine this: You own a small but incredibly fashionable boutique, Flavor Flash. One day, Emily decides to visit your house of wonders. While trying on a beautiful multicolored scarf in the mirror, something catches her eye: a familiar red ‘P’ with the following caption: “You know you look good girl. Why not let everybody else know? Pin it! #FlavorFlash.” With a mischievous sparkle in her eyes, Emily scrambles for her phone, makes a duck face, and gets you 32 followers in as many minutes. Thanks Emily!

An excellent example of a brand making the most of Instagram hashtags is the always incredible Sephora. By tracking the hashtag #MyNirvana, they’ve built a board based on what their fans’ believe see as Nirvana in celebration of a new line from Elizabeth and James Nirvana. Their fans are sharing the hashtag, and Sephora gets amazing, free content from their fans!

Tailwind to the Rescue

So, the Holidays are coming, right? That one rotund dude is making a list and checking it twice, snowmen are suddenly singing, etc etc. Anyway, people are buying stuff in droves. And at least half of them (probably, no stats on this) are buying for that one friend. The guy that is impossible to buy for, that never wants anything, the guy that seems to have everything. Yeah, we hate that guy These people are desperate. They want to get him something they think he’ll like, but nothing seems right. BAM. Tailwind to the rescue. Using our Pinterest analytics tool, you, the ever-so-savvy business owner, can find out what items are popular on Pinterset. Slap a ‘Popular on Pinterest’ sign on, and you’re golden. No need to thank us. We live to please after all.

Pinterest around the World/US

Collages. We all love collages. In both real life and the Pinterest playground. Get employees from all over the world (or at least the US) to show what’s going on at their branch! Think of them as your extended family. This is great for both employee engagement (“OH NO, DARYL FROM GEORGIA DID NOT BEAT ME FOR THE PIE-EATING RECORD”). It’s also fun for customers, whether online or in store.

Practical Applications

Your IRL Pinterest strategy can help make your life easier and save you some time. If you’re a hair salon, why not invest in a few tablets? Instead of perusing a magazine, they can flip through a few of your hairstyle boards to find the hottest styles in seconds.

A dog shelter or pet store could make boards for all their prospective pets. Show people the ball of fur that will make their life better. Once the pet is adopted, you can create a brand-new, super-adorable board called “Happy Tails”.

After discovering your fans’ favorite product from Tailwind, make a board based on what goes with that popular item. Say your big item is a Pinterest-perfect chevron rug. Use a QR code or Bitly link on a sign in store, so the shopper can quickly pull up a board with the perfect lamp or beautiful couch. Those creative juices can lead to some amazing cash.

The possibilities of creating an in-store Pinterest strategy are endless. All you need is a little pin-spiration!

Have any more ideas on how to use Pinterest in your brick-and-mortar business? Let us know in the comments!