It’s time to hop on the Pinterest bandwagon (if you haven’t already)! As far as referral traffic and sales, Pinterest is one of your best bets for social media success. You’ve got to make sure you use it correctly though, and sometimes it can be hard to determine what works and what doesn’t.

Luckily, websites and applications have already been created to help break down and understand your Pinterest traffic – allowing you to focus on your social media ROI. Check out the following tools to see how you can turn pins into dollars!


pinpuffAs an analytical tool, Pinpuff is more about measuring one’s influence on Pinterest. Users attain a Pinfluence score, similar to a Klout score, which enables them to claim “perks” if they reach a certain level. Pinpuff also determines the monetary value of each pin, monitors your Pinterest campaigns, and provides useful data for further analysis. They claim that their goal for businesses is to “provide an easy to use platform which can be used to create, manage and analyze their Pinterest related promotions/marketing activities and seamlessly engage Pinfluencers.”


Pinreach is similar to Pinpuff in that it calculates the influence of its users using several Pinterest analytics (such as number of pins, followers, or boards). Their website states, “We aim to provide a simple and fun platform to find new people and content, and to understand influence.” Cool, right?


pinerlyPinerly, specifically designed for Pinterest, is an analytics platform where-in Pinterest users can maintain all aspects of their Pinterest profiles in one application. Pinerly allows users to follow or unfollow other pinners, schedule pins, browse popular pins, and track the progress of certain pins, among other functions. Pinerly is a great organizational tool to help businesses keep track of their Pinterest on one easy-to-use platform.


cyfeCyfe is an online dashboard software that allows users to monitor and analyze all of their social networking site activity on one platform. Along with Pinterest, Cyfe users can see data from their Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Gmail, and more if they choose to do so. All reports are displayed in real-time, offering up-to-date information when you need it. For Pinterest specifically, Cyfe allows users to track their boards, pins, likes, followers, and who they’re following. Cyfe offers a free version of the software, but for an additional cost, you can add more widgets and get even more analytical data for your sites.

Now that you’ve got the tools to measure your Pinterest success, now it’s time to find your social media ROI! Check out our whitepaper here to see how social media is affecting your pocket!