You must already be aware of the fact that Pinterest can generate huge traffic to your website and blog. But have you explored Pinterest Place pins yet?

Pinterest Places are an innovative way to add geo-locations to your pins. They are excellent if you want to promote your storefront on the space. However, there are a number of techniques that you can make use of these place pins to promote your services and products on Pinterest. But before that, let’s take a look at how you can create these place pins first.

Select Place Boards from the Menu


Click on Create Board. Set the board up with all the required information. However, you can edit your board any time later.

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It will redirect you to a page, where you need to add your locations. Click on Add a Place and enter. Once you get the place on the map, click on Map it. The location will be instantly pinned on the map. Make sure you add relevant and useful information about the pin in the description.

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Here you will have two options to upload images to your pins. You can either add images from your system or select from the default images, previously posted for these locations.

So, creating Pinterest Place Boards is quite easy. Isn’t it? Now let’s get started with the creative ideas to use Pinterest Place pins for your business:

Add your business locations: Pinterest Place pins can be an alternative way to make your customers aware of your geographic locations, no matter if you have one or multiple storefronts.

Just pin the locations and write two lines about the venue. You can add multiple locations on one board by changing the names of the city. Whenever a user will click on a pin, he will see the address and contact details along with the pin, related to the location.

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I have created this Place Board of my favorite restaurant. You can see, as I clicked on a location pin, it turned red and showed the phone number and address of the location.

No matter, if you have a multinational company or a startup, you can actually show all your business centers at one board.

Another great example is Walt Disney’s Disney World Planning Pins. Here all the Disney locations are pinned along with their individual specialties.

Showcase clientele creatively: We love to showcase our clientele to the world. Don’t we? So, why not making it a big deal on Pinterest too? Create a place board and add each one of your clients on the board along with their locations. You also can add testimonials or their appreciating words along with what kind of work you have done for them in the pin descriptions. This is indeed a creative way to promote your clientele.

Promote your products in style: A little bit of creativity is all it takes to get noticed. If you have a service or product to promote, do it creatively, just like Simple Skincare is doing.

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Simple Skincare is a beauty product company. They created a Place Board to showcase their products and how they can help their customers during winter skincare. The board is called Winter Skincare Around the US. Now if you click on any location on the map, it will redirect you to the concerned pin, where you can find their skincare tips, specifically created for the region, along with a brief introduction of their products that can help you in your skin treatment.

Create awareness about your neighborhood: It’s always a good idea to promote your neighborhood and the adjoining businesses in order to draw maximum eyeballs to your business venue. You can do it with Pinterest Place Boards. Name the board, “Best Neighborhood to Hang out” and add all the nearby businesses one by one. But stay away from promoting your competitors.

Ask for pins from your customers: If you are a product-based company, you must have many customers around the world. You can ask them to share their images with your product along with their current location. Now create a Place Board, featuring all these pins to showcase your product reach.

This is also very helpful to run contests on Pinterest. Moreover, each pin will add to your brand visibility.

Help your customers: Your customers love to be helped. After all, this is the reason that they love you. But do it with style like Lonely Planet.

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They have created this Place Board to showcase places in the New York City that can be visited without spending a penny. This board exhibits 40 such places along with the time and the day, when these spots can be explored for free.

Promote events at storefronts: When you have an event or festival going on in your storefront, you always should experiment with their promotional campaigns on different channels. Try Pinterest Place pins for your next event. Wondering what to pin on the board? Literally everything that is associated with the event, starting from the venues to offers and specialties.

Showcase your favorites: Pinterest Place Boards provide a creative way to promote your business allies and clients. For example, let’s assume that you are a web development company and have built plethora of sites for your clients. Showcase each one of them on a board called “Our Favorites”. Here you can promote your clients’ businesses along with your work. This also can work similarly for your business partners.

Tell the world about your next trip: For artists, who often travel across the world for shows (singers, dancers, musicians, fashion designers), it’s very important to let their fans inform about their upcoming tour schedule. Use Place Boards to do this. Name the board with the name of the trip and add locations, where you are going to perform along with other details like time, ticket pricing, entry process etc.

Now, it’s your turn.

Explore Pinterest Place Boards for your business. And don’t forget to promote it. There are many ways to do it, however, let’s figure out two easiest ways to promote your Place Boards.

First, go to your board and look for an arrow sign right next to the Edit Board option.

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Share the board with your email contacts as well as with your Google+ friends.

Secondly, you can embed the board on your website or blog with the help of Pinterest’s widget builder.

Make it even more Pinteresting for your audience!

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