Online scrapbooking platform Pinterest allows businesses to connect with consumers who are constantly consuming content, sharing content and engaging through the power of images. With more than 70 million users, Pinterest has become a valuable social network for many businesses looking to drive sales or connect with potential customers. With consumers spending time and pinning on this platform and 80 percent of pins being repins. Pinterest users are extremely active and your business cannot afford to miss out on them.

pinterest tools for business

In this article we have compiled 9 useful tools you can use for your Pinterest page – from analyzing your Pinterest activity to finding your influence, creating images, adding additional button and many more other activities. So are you ready to get pinning?

1. Pinterest Analytics tool – In-built analytics for verified websites

pinterest analytics

Pinterest released its own analytics tool, which can be accessed by those who have a verified business account. It offers a great range of metrics, including pins and repins, impressions, reach, clicks, visitors, etc. This data is all based from your website, but doesn’t highlight all your Pinterest activity. It is a great tool; it does provide valuable insights of how your content from your website is performing on Pinterest.

2. PinAlerts – Get Altered About Your Brand Through Email

pin alerts tool

PinAlerts is like your Google Alerts for Pinterest! This Free tool sends you email notifications when people bookmark anything from your website or blog to their boards. It’s a way to track the interest your products or services are getting on Pinterest. PinAlerts is still in its beta version, and the creators have plans for more features which shall arrive soon. This tool is a great way to find out how people are making use of your content, and you can find a way to engage with them.

3. Tailwind – Analyze your reach

tailwind pinterest tool

Tailwind app gives you a better understanding of where you stand on Pinterest and how well your content is doing. It allows businesses to measure their content on Pinterest to see what is bringing them success as well as what they need to improve with their marketing strategy. It allows businesses to look at their performance in detail by providing – engagement score, which measure likes and comments. It also tracks the growth of a profile. Reach is extremely important for a brand thus it shows your content is being exposed to a larger audience.

4. Pin Search – Helps find content

pin search tool

Pin Search is a Google Chrome extension you can add to your browser to enhance the Pinterest experience. With it, perform a Google image search on any picture on Pinterest, and gain a wealth of information like similar pictures, websites where the image appears, who created the picture, etc.

5. ViralTag – For Scheduling pins

viraltag pinterest tool

ViralTag provides an easy way for individuals and companies to schedule their pins to post to Pinterest at specific times on specific days. Thus you don’t have to be online all the time to schedule your content to your global audience; you can schedule pins so you have a constant flow of content going out to your followers so you can continue the engagement. It is a great time-saving tool!

6. Piqora – Promotions and sweepstakes

piqora pinterest tool

Piqora is a great tool for marketers who want to run promotions and sweepstakes on their Pinterest page to increase their brand awareness and gain more followers. You can use it to start any promotions on Pinterest, to track your results with their analytics and then see how your promotions are being accepted by your followers and what effect it is creating for your brand. It is a great tool for hosting contest, which is deemed as the most effective way to gain followers.

7. Pinstamatic – creates images

pinstamatic pinterest tool

On Pinterest the pictures do the talking and the text just highlights it. You have to make sure that the visual content you are sharing on Pinterest compliments with the product or service marketed by you and are effective enough to be liked and re-pinned. Pinstamatic offers 8 different templates you can use to turn your boring content into something catchy and fun. Each template is accessible by simply clicking on one of the icons at the top. Once you have the right image, click on Pin and you will be redirected to your Pinterest account where you can login and share the image in one of your boards.

8. Shopinterest – Create an online store

shopintoit pinterest tool

80% of users on Pinterest are women! Yes I know what you are thinking (Shopping). How about if they could buy what they were pinning from your brands page, we do have the perfect tool for you ‘Shopinterest’ where you can quickly and easily open up your online store. And display your products in a beautiful e-commerce store. Connect your Pinterest account, add your boards, payment method and launch your live store.

9. Pinwoot – Increase your Pinterest followers

pinot pinterest tool

Pinwoot is a tool which helps increases your followers on Pinterest. On Pinwoot, the ‘currency’ is ‘seeds’. You accumulate and spend seeds according to your actions. Following new accounts, liking pins and repinning pins all give you seeds. Scheduling pins and promoting pins (for repins and likes) cost you seeds. You can also buy seeds if you are more interested in promoting your pins than in accumulating followers.

Pinterest is a fantastic platform to showcase your business in a visual format, and statistics show it’s a very powerful marketing platform. So are you ready to jump into the Pinterest scene and expand your brand’s reach, the tools above will help you achieve the results you’re after.

Which Pinterest tools do you use for your brand? Have we featured any of your favourite tools? Do share your insights with us below.