Pinterest is the best thing since sliced bread – true or false? Well, maybe the invention of the internet tops it – but for retailers and sellers – Pinterest is coming darn close. If you haven’t hopped on board the Pinterest choo-choo, here are some reasons to get you going on the hottest social media site around these days.

8. Pinterest is the #3 social media site in the U.S. It’s not just a matter of opinion. What that means is, where Facebook is obviously the #1 traffic stealer, and Twitter is right behind it, Pinterest has captured more monthly users and views than LinkedIn, YouTube, Google +, and everything else. So if it’s THAT popular, it must deserve some attention, eh?

7. Pinterest shoppers spend more. Do they spend more than they do on eBay? No, probably not. But we’re talking about social media here, and that’s my gig. The average money-spender on Facebook spends about $85. But on Pinterest, the average spender is putting out $185! Why? I think it’s because they’re in more of a spending mood. Pinterest is very visual, and as a result, no one is being distracted by articles, comments, quotes, etc. People see what they want and right away they go for it!

6. It’s interest-based. So where you are connecting with people and EVERYTHING they have to say on the other social media sites, with Pinterest, you can just follow the lamps, or just the T-shirts, or just the motivational quotes. So when you get new followers, you know they’re SUPER interested!

5. It’s so addictive. Pinterest is currently engaging new users 2-3 more effectively than Twitter did at the same part in it’s timeline. What does that mean? When Twitter was a year and a half old, people were signing up and then never using the service again. With Pinterest, people sign up and start pinning and repinning right away! So you’ve got this highly addictive, highly used website ready to show off your wares.

4. It’s share-centric. 80% of pins on Pinterest are repins. Repins are when someone uploads a photo or item (a pin) and then someone else bookmarks it, or shares it (repin). So this is GREAT for retailers because it means people will be spreading around whatever you’re uploading!

3. You can get exposure to a totally different audience. It’s a great time to start making new connections! Your Facebook and Twitter friends are already familiar with you – but the Pinterest people are waiting to get to know your products in a totally different way!

2. The branding experience. Unlike other, less visual social media options, Pinterest really allows you to make your boards have a certain feel – giving your audience more of a branding experience. You can use the titles, the photos, and even frame your products in a creative way to create a new experience for your shoppers.

1. Searchability. Pinterest has a feature where, when you share the product price, it will then become searchable among the entire Pinterest audience for products in that price range. You can also add keywords to the product descriptions. So people looking for gifts in your price range, tagged with the name of your items, will find your stuff!

This post originated on Vendio