pinterest for business

​Research has shown that Instagram and Pinterest are two of the most popular social media platforms for visual images, especially when it comes to advertising. More and more businesses are turning to visual platforms for advertising instead of the traditional Facebook ad. Pinterest, specifically, is a fantastic tool for driving traffic to your website and increasing online conversions and sales.

​Here are seven tips for how your business can effectively leverage Pinterest for online sales and traffic.

1. High quality images
With the main focus of Pinterest being on images, it’s critical to use high-quality images. Bright, light pictures receive the most engagement. High-quality images will also drive users back to your Pinterest profile page. The better your image, the more likely it is to be repinned. With Pinterest, it’s amazing how much exposure you can gain with a few simple repins. Also, the better your image, the more likely your users will continue down the funnel by visiting your profile page and then your website.

2. Maintain your Pinterest profile page
Make sure your Pinterest profile page is up to date with easy to find information. Clearly have your business name and description at the very top with your current logo. Also, make sure you verify your website, so Pinterest will provide a clear hyperlink to your website. It’s also best to include a call to action on your profile page, such as “Check out the latest styles on our website,” which will increase traffic and sales on your site.

3. Sizing
Make sure your images are sized to make the most of Pinterest. The ideal size for a pin is 600×900. If your image is horizontal, it’s not going to use the maximum space it could, which could lead to it getting lost in the larger pins.

4. Strong captions
Don’t just upload a pin with the caption as your business name. Strong captions make your pins more visible and more likely to be repinned. Pinterest users are more likely to engage with a pin with a strong caption than a pin with a blank caption. Keep your caption strong, such as using the headline of your article (“7 tips for businesses using Pinterest). Avoid using anything longer than a few lines; users aren’t going to read an entire paragraph.

5. Image names
When you save an image to your desktop, it automatically saves as something along the lines of, “IMG_042.” Change the file name before you upload it to Pinterest. The file name can increase your visibility on Pinterest’s search results as well as increase your SEO rankings. Increasing your SEO rankings are key to increasing traffic to your website.

6. Turn on Pinterest Analytics
One of the best tools for businesses on Pinterest, Pinterest Analytics provides a detailed breakdown of your page. You can see what your audience enjoys the most, what pins work best, and how many page views your profile gets. It is the best tool for analyzing your Pinterest business strategy and capitalizing on what your audience is interested in.

7. Use Pinterest Ads
You can get a fair amount of organic engagement from Pinterest, which is why its popularity is growing among businesses. However, you can also promote pins and advertise on Pinterest. Pinterest’s ad platform is simple and easy to use. Most businesses report lots of engagement and conversions for a cheaper price tag than Facebook or Google Adwords.

Wrap Up
Using Pinterest organically or paid is a great way to increase traffic to your site. Once your user has reached your site, make sure your website is optimized for this Pinterest traffic. Make your call to action or product very clear, and give the user a clean design, driving him or her straight to the sale.