7 Success Tips On Pinterest For Business

Did you know that 93% of Pinterest users shop online, and purchase products?

Pinterest is the second fastest growing social network behind SnapChat, and it is true that Pinterest does drive sales. Having been a “pinner” since the day it launched, I can say that the social network has been a great place for me to connect with my target audience, and engage through visuals.

Pinterest is more than just a place where you create “inspiration”. Just like Facebook, Pinterest have a “Pinterest for business” section where you can SELL your products.

I was inspired to write this by “a blog on blogging” piece of content where they shared expert secrets on utilising Pinterest for business.

Here are my top 7 “success” tips on Pinterest for Business.

1. Keywords

The great thing about Pinterest is that Google LOVES it, and because of this, you must start utilising the descriptions of your visuals. Think about your business, and use keywords that describe the image, but are also research-proven to drive targeted traffic.

2. Create collaboration boards

Whilst it’s great to have your own Pinterest boards that other people can look at, you should also look at creating boards where you audience can collaborate with you. The more you do this, the more likely YOU are to be invited into other boards as a collaborator.

3. Buyable Pins

Did you know that you can buy a product INSIDE of Pinterest, without having to leave the platform? Pinterest’s Buyable Pins is a great way to showcase your products. There is now a search section inside of Pinterest where you can find ONLY pins that are “buyable” and you should be utilising this as a part of your Pinterest for business strategy.

4. Promoted Pins

How much do you know about Promoted Pins? These are a way to organically promote your pins to your audience. This is similar to boosting a post inside of Facebook, and can have three goals; awareness, engagement and traffic.

I have been using Pinterest ads for quite some time, and find them effective in reaching my audience members who actively engage inside of Pinterest.

5. Consistency

For Pinterest to give you the results that you are looking for, you need to be consistent. This means that you must post every day, and not just once a week. Don’t only add your own pins, re-pin as well.

6. Make your website mobile-friendly

If you are looking to drive traffic to your website from Pinterest, you need to get “mobile-friendly”. Studies suggest that 75% of Pinterest usage takes place on a smartphone so if you want to convert your Pinterest views into website views, make sure you are user-friendly.

7. Have a good scheduling tool

When it comes to managing your Social Media, I’m sure you’re aware that Hootsuite will help you save time when posting on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ but; what about Pinterest? Most of us will ignore Pinterest because it doesn’t integrate with Hootsuite but don’t forget that there are a number of Pinterest-specific scheduling tools, like Viralwoot that can help you save time.

If there is one thing you take away from the above 7 tips, it is that you should be using Pinterest as a part of your PPC (pay per click) strategy.

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