Get Email Subscribers from Pinterest
Image Credit: TheBlogMaven

Pinterest is a huge social media marketing tool. I know few bloggers who earn substantial revenue through Pinterest, promoting affiliate and own products. They successfully draw traffic, email subscribers and build brand identity through Pinterest, market to them and generate sales.

You too can do the same.

Why should YOU use Pinterest?

Here are some latest stats curated by

  • 70 million people are using it
  • 80% of the users are women, out of which 20% reside in the US
  • 500,000 businesses use it
  • 2.5 billion page views every month
  • 80% of the ‘pins’ are ‘repins’ – good viral factor!
  • 125% traffic growth potential

In short, you’re missing out on targeted traffic and conversion by not being on Pinterest.

A fact: images are more relatable than words.

Let’s see how you can use Pinterest.

7 Actionable Ways to Get Subscribers from Pinterest

Your journey on Pinterest shouldn’t be solely about pinning images and waiting for traffic. You need to pull traffic. Give visitors a reason to subscribe. If you’re still unconvinced, check this Pinterest board by Aweber containing some subscriber list building examples.

These ways are ideas to create subscribe-worthy Pinterest images. Here are some things to try out.

1.) Promote Giveaways:

If you’re organizing giveaways, create a professional image to pin on Pinterest. You could add quotations, add benefits, something about the product, a sample video course or anything else that surpasses the rest.

The image should not be cluttered; it should be clear, simple and precise.

2.) Promote eBooks:

Free eBook downloads do get higher subscription rate. Use the cover of your eBook and optimize it for pinning. Create a separate opt-in page to redirect the Pinterest traffic.

Either you upload from the opt-in page or from the system, and while uploading, change the link directing visitors to the opt-in page. If the image sparks interest, you’ll gain subscribers.

3.) Use Statistics:

People love numbers. Numbers are good to explain a point.

For instance, if you’re selling blog themes, use the number of times those themes were downloaded in the image. Or, if you’re promoting any service, mention the number of people who benefited from it or use any powerful testimonial. In fact, if buyers permit, use their personal picture on the Pinterest image. It enforces credibility.

Use such statistics on the image and upload.

4.) Use Infographics:

Infographics are a killer promotional tool, one of 8 alternative content types, when used properly. Create an attractive infographic about anything you’re trying to sell or if you just want blog subscribers, create an infographic on the blogging niche.

Either way, visitors would be highly interested to check out the image source and viola! they are on your landing page.

5.) Promote Discounts:

Once I asked a blogger friend how he is making so much money selling domain and web hosting packages. His only answer was – Pinterest.

He is the affiliate of some prominent web hosting providers like GoDaddy and BlueHost. Whenever there are new promotional offers, he gets his team image designer to create a custom image. He mentions the discount percentage and benefits. The image goes on Pinterest and he re-shares them on multiple Pinterest boards. Within few hours, the sales start coming in.

Note: Do not promote affiliate links directly because Pinterest will strip them. Instead, create a detailed review on your blog and send the incoming traffic to that page. Interested buyers can purchase from the linked page.

6.) Publish your Portfolio:

If you’re a freelance writer like me, you’ll find Pinterest to be a great option for portfolio promotion.

Depending on your freelancing niche, create images offering tips, buyer testimonials, show yourself working, offer discounted prices, show benefits of hiring your services and so on. The point is to get yourself out there and your way will differ from mine. Use creativity.

7.) Video Promotion:

A bit tricky but video promotion works on Pinterest as well. Create a pre-sell video and host it. Create an image outlining the benefits of viewing the video and upload on Pinterest.

Don’t Forget

Whichever idea you use, don’t forget to place an email subscriber form on the landing page.

What do you think? Is Pinterest worth the trouble? Share your experience.