6 Ways to Boost Product Sales With Pinterest

If used the right way, Pinterest can boost your product sales. This infographic by Shopify shows that Pinterest drives more online sales than any other social network.

Pinterest Drives More Online Sales Than any Other Social Network

So if you put some time into Pinterest to build an audience and promote your products you should be able to increase sales. To learn how to generate sales with Pinterest read all the tips below…

1. Show how your products can be used:

A simple way to promote your products on Pinterest is by showing examples of how they can be used through images and pictures. If you sell groceries, show people how those groceries can be used, if you sell electrical equipment, pin images of them in action.

This will give the person an idea of how they themselves can use the product. To get good results display as many examples as possible with images. This will help you reach a wider audience.

Show People How to Use Your Products on Pinterest

Cadbury Kitchen is a company that makes use of this technique. If you visit their board Biscuits & Slices, you will be able to see pins of recipes made using Cadbury baking chocolate and other products. This shows the reader how they can use them, thereby helping Cadbury drive sales.

2. Optimize product pages:

If you would like to generate more product sales with Pinterest, you need to first drive more website traffic with it so that people get to see your products. An easy way to do this is by optimizing your product landing page by adding share buttons. As I mentioned before, when you add share buttons, people will be more likely to share your webpages, so make sure you perform this simple step. For an added benefit, display the share count on your buttons, especially if the page has been shared several times, as more shares add social proof. It shows that people want to share your products with friends and followers.

Place the Pin It Button on Your Webpages

A great example is GAP. If you visit their product pages, like this one, you will notice that there is a Pin It button. When someone sees clothes or accessories they like they can instantly share it with their followers by clicking it. This should help drive website traffic.

For more tips on driving Pinterest traffic to your website, check out the post 14 Ways to Drive More Website Traffic With Pinterest.

3. Create catalogues:

A popular way to promote your products on Pinterest is by creating catalogues using boards. These catalogues can be based on the season, colour, style, price, etc. It has to be a popular theme that suits your target audience.

Here’s how you do it: First choose the theme to build a catalogue around. Then create the board with an appropriate name, description and category. After that you can begin pinning products around the theme of the catalogue. Make sure you add a good description to the pins and include the price, if necessary, as when you add the price it gets displayed on the image part of the pin itself.

Create Catalogues Using Pinterest Boards

The Seize the Summer board on Ikea UK’s Pinterest brand page is an example of a catalogue. On this board you will find pins of products that can be used (or could have been used) outdoors during the summer.

4. Provide a sneak peak:

If you’re selling an expensive or complicated product that cannot be explained with pins of the product, you can go a step further and provide a sneak peak of how it works. This could be pins of videos or screenshots of your product in action.

Provide a Sneak Peak of Your Products

Hubspot makes the most of this by displaying screenshots of their software on the Peak at Hubspot Software board. I have written more about how they use this technique in my post 7 Pinterest Tips for B2B companies.

5. Run contests:

Pinterest contests can also be used to increase product sales. This can be done by making it compulsory to pin your products to take part in the contest. For e.g. a company that sells mobile phones could ask participants to create a board and pin a few of their products (from their website) on to it and the person with the best board wins. This should help the products receive more exposure, there by generating sales.

Contests Can Be Used to Promote Products

A great example is Dolan Geiman’s Christmas in July Pinterest contest. One of the steps people needed to perform to take part in this contest was to pin at least one image from the Dolan Geiman Etsy shop in the sale section. More details about the contest can be found on the above image. This contest must have given Dolan Geiman’s products more exposure.

You can learn more about Pinterest contests by reading my post 7 Tips for Running Powerful Pinterest Contests.

6. Run offers:

This is probably the quickest way to boost sales with Pinterest. You could make them Pinterest exclusive to check how well the network is performing for you. To get the most of these offers make sure you promote them using press releases, blog posts, contest listing sites, etc.

Use Pinterest Offers to Quickly Boost Sales

An example is the free delivery offer run by the Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI). As you can see in the above image RNLI provided a code. They encouraged their Pinterest followers to use it to get products purchased from their online store delivered for free.

You could also provide discounts on your existing products to drive sales through Pinterest. As when you do this Pinterest will send email alerts to people who have pinned the same products before the offer began. This is one of Pinterest’s latest features. More details can be found on this post by Lauren Indvik. Products that have been pinned several times on Pinterest will benefit from this feature.

If you would like to drive more product sales with Pinterest make sure you try out the above six tips.

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How do you drive more product sales with Pinterest? What is your favourite method? Please leave your comments below.