Marketing is becoming more real time and brands are seeking to have a more authentic and conversational feel on social. To help you achieve this, we’ve introduced Beautify, a powerful and easy to use image editor, built right into Curalate. It gives you the ability to make changes to images quickly for those times when you just can’t call in your design team.

Note: Beautify is accessed via the Curalate bookmarklet! If you haven’t yet downloaded the bookmarklet, it can be found under the Publish tab within the Curalate dashboard.

Below, learn how you can put Beautify to work today so you can stay one step ahead on social everyday.

BEAUTIFY_header(Beautify in action)

1. Go vertical with Orientation.

Vertical images are given more real estate space in Pinterest’s category views, resulting in more eyeballs and a greater likelihood of engagement. Change the Orientation of your image by rotating it clockwise or counter-clockwise.


2. Enhance your images. With a single click.

The right levels of contrast and exposure can make all the difference when it comes to capturing a user’s attention. Make your images stand out. With one click, Enhance transforms your image from boring to beautiful!


3. Get nostalgic with Effects.

With Effects, add a beautiful touch to your photos without requiring a photographer to switch up their lens or fuss with lighting. This feature is great for themed pin boards.


4. Don’t be shy to get wordy with Text.

After a flurry of repins, it’s easy for a pin to lose context as users tend to re-write the pin’s description and repin it to other categories. Adding Text to your images will keep the context of your content consistent, no matter how viral the image becomes.


5. Crop it like it’s hot.

Pinterest’s visual layout encourages browsing, which means your images are constantly fighting for attention. Use Crop to emphasize the most important subject in your image and get rid of the extra background space!


6. Who doesn’t love Stickers?

Add personality to your brand by tagging your traditional imagery with creative Stickers offered inBeautify. Of course, don’t get too carried away.


We’re excited to see how Beautify powers your pinning. Which feature are you most excited for? Discuss in the comments below!