5 Ways To Make Your Pins Go Viral

Using Pinterest to share your content is a great way to drive targeted traffic to your website, and one of the many benefits of using Pinterest for businesses.

A single pin stays on Pinterest forever and when it gets repined, increases the chances of people clicking on it and visiting your site.

Having your pins go viral is an even greater way for that to happen.

There’s no guaranteed way to make a pin go viral, but surely there are a few things you can do to increase your chances:

1. Create stunning images

Pinterest is a very visual social network and an image is the first thing people will see before they even click on it to visit the website.

So make sure you create stunning images. For example, for your blog you can create images with the title of the post in it to instantly grab attention. Make sure the titles are catchy so people want to repin it.

Also remember to create vertical images, as this is what goes best on Pinterest.

2. Link to high quality content

It’s not enough to have a stunning image though. Most Pinterest users first click on the image to visit the website before they repin it because they only want to repin quality stuff.

So make sure you link your images to high quality content. For example, if you’re sharing a blog post, make sure it is of very high quality, something that will bring real value to your readers, helping them in some way.

3. Pin to several boards

Don’t just pin an image to one of your boards. Pin it to several boards that are related to that topic, so you increase your chances of the image to be seen by more users.

For example, a lunch recipe can be posted in your blog posts board, on a “Lunch” board, and other boards that are related, for example “20 Minute Meals”.

4. Pin to Group Boards

One of the best strategies to get quick exposure on Pinterest is to use group boards.

So make sure you join the top group boards and post your pins into them. Top group boards have thousands of followers interested in one specific topic, and it can increase massively your chances of one of your pins to go viral.

5. Send a pin to an industry influencer

Social media is a great place to connect with industry influencers: bloggers, speakers, authors, media, etc. The ones that have many followers and a strong reputation in a specific industry.

So if you have a pin that is high quality content use the option “Send” on Pinterest and send them the pin for them to have a look.

If they like it and repin it, it will increase your chances to be seen by thousands of followers and your pin to go viral, since the repin acts as a “recommendation” from them.