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In today’s business environment, you need to engage customers with social media to keep up with your competition. If you’re not tech savvy, learning the nuances of social media can be a daunting task. Fortunately, Pinterest was designed with the novice user in mind; this means that business owners can easily create an account that they can use to market and brand their business.

If you aren’t trying to ramp up sales, Pinterest is still a great way to build brand recognition. Recent studies done by Sony Entertainment show that the Pinterest “Pin-It” button on a website gets clicked on 10 times more than Twitter’s “Tweet This” button. This means that Pinterest users are more likely to share your website; when they do this, all of their friends are exposed to your business.

What Are The Best Ways To Build Brand Recognition On Pinterest?

Build Niche Boards

If you poke around Pinterest for a while, you’ll notice that the most popular posters have more than one board; they usually have between 50 and 100. These posters do this so they can target small niches. When you target a small niche, your board is more likely to be found and followed by your target audience. If you target broad niches with your board, you get lost among the thousands of other people who created a board just like yours.

“Every audience is different,” said CCG CEO Jeffrey Stewart in his B2C interview. “Understanding [the target’s] online interests and behaviors is critical in deciding how best to market your business to them. Enrich your campaign by including methods that search out individuals with proven track records of interest and/or conversion with your brand or brands similar to your own.”

Refine your board topics; try to do something different from every other business on the site. When you create highly targeted niche boards, you stay relevant to people’s interests. This is an easy way to build your brand by gaining loyal followers.
Jump On Trending Topics

Keep an eye out for popular people, news and events; you can use trending topics to bait new followers into checking out your board. When users go on Pinterest, they search for popular news topics; if you have a pin that relates to their search term, your board will pop up. This is an easy way to generate some traffic from new users.

Once the users see the cool stuff you have on your board, they’re probably going to follow you. When you pay attention to what’s popular on social media, you can use these topics to increase your click-through and follow rates by a substantial amount.

Post On Your Popular Boards

When you build a bunch of niche boards, you can quickly start to see which ones are the most popular. Pay more attention to the boards that have the largest following; make posts on them more often than your other boards.

When a lot of people follow one of your boards, you have a better chance of repins. This means that all their friends will see what they’ve pinned; it’s a great way to get your brand name in front of a lot of people’s eyes.

Follow Relevant People

It’s important for a business to follow boards that are relevant to the brand that they are trying to build; try to throw in a couple of people who have a large following as well.

When you follow power players, they might follow, repin or comment on some of your boards. If they do this, they give you exposure to all of their followers. If you’re lucky, you can gain thousands of followers in just a couple of minutes; it’s a really easy way to build your brand.

Use Keywords In Your Pins

When you pin something, include industry related keywords. When you do this, people looking for something in your niche are more likely to land on your board. When you have a lot of keyword rich pins, you are more likely to attract traffic from a variety of sources.

When you use Pinterest as a tool to build your brand, you have an opportunity to reach millions of people without having to spend a dime. Savvy business owners use this social media site to market their business; if you do it correctly, you will get your brand in front of thousands of new users.

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