I Love Mom

I am always looking for creative ideas to give my moms on Mother’s Day (I have a mom, a step mom and two mothers-in-law).

As a mom myself, I know that it takes some creativity to find a very special gift that comes from the heart.

I decided to do a cursory search on Pinterest – where I find 99% of my ideas for gifts and things to buy. I searched for “Mother’s Day nonprofit” and found some fantastic results.

These nonprofits are seriously winning – because they recognize two things:

Mother’s Day is a perfect time to do a fundraising campaign due to it’s personal and emotional nature.

Pinterest is the perfect medium to fundraise around this holiday, because moms congregate there.

All 5 of these fundraising campaigns have 3 vital characteristics in common:

  • Eye-catching visuals
  • Compelling stories
  • Evocative of an emotional reaction

Here are the 5 most inspiring nonprofit campaigns that I found – use them as inspiration for your next fundraising campaign!


UNICEF USA has created a specific board for Inspired Gifts. For Mother’s Day, they have showcased specific items that would make great Mother’s Day gifts.

Their pins feature close up photos of children and families, and the captions are concise and to the point, featuring the price of the item and the impact that it will have on those they serve.

UNICEF USA on Pinterest

One of my favorite captions: This Mother’s Day, make your mom a soccer mom for kids around the world. For only $6.72, you can give a kid in need 30 packets of micronutrient powder for a strong, healthy body and a soccer ball for fun and fitness.

Oxfam America

Oxfam America has a similar strategy to UNICEF. The Oxfam Unwrapped : Gifts that give back Pinterest board showcases great photos and fun captions that describe how the gift will help the organization and the people served.

Oxfam America on Pinterest

Bonus points for a goat pun in the pin caption: This Mother’s Day, tell mom she raised a good kid. Give her a gift that gives back, like baby goats that teach children responsibility and provide milk for the family!

Vitamin Angels

I saw this video on the Vitamin Angels Pinterest Board #mysupermom, and it made me smile. AND want to share it across all my social media channels. (Which I did.)

The video is titled “Happy mother’s day to all the Super Moms around the world” and features kids and adults from all over the world, in all different languages, describing why their mom is a super mom. A simple but powerful concept.

The best part is that I don’t have to exit Pinterest and go to YouTube to watch the video – it’s embedded in the pin, so I can continue to explore the Vitamin Angels Pinterest boards.

They also have free Mother’s Day cards you can send to the moms in your life – a brilliant way to spread the word about the organization and also provide something of value to their audience.

Vitamin Angels Mother's Day Card

Northwestern Medicine

Northwestern Medicine does a fantastic job overall on Pinterest, showcasing Patient Stories and featuring a behind the scenes look at the doctors who work there.

In their Patient Stories, they pin tales of children and their mothers, using very real photos.

There are videos of patients talking about their treatments, including the story of one mother who honored her oldest son’s death by donating his organs, and how a mother of three was able to receive a life-saving kidney and pancreas transplant as a result. (WHAT a story!!)

Northwestern Medicine on Pinterest

Great caption: Katie Widmar was diagnosed with cancer just days after turning 18 years-old. To help herself keep positive throughout her treatment, Katie always kept a blanket with her for comfort. Now, with her treatment successfully behind her, she and her mother return every December to the Lurie Cancer Center and Northwestern Memorial’s Prentice Women’s Hospital to provide that same comfort to others as part of their non-profit, Covers of Comfort.

Opportunity International

Opportunity International encourages you to share your story and acknowledge any woman who has influenced your life, but adding a “patch” to their virtual quilt. You can also make a donation in someone’s name.

Opportunity International Virtual Quilt

You can choose from other’s quilts to pin on Pinterest, or make your own and then pin it. A perfect way to encourage engagement, share stories and spread the work of the nonprofit far and wide.

Is your nonprofit conducting a Mother’s Day fundraising campaign?