Pinterest is so full of artistry, creativity, invention and colour that it is hard to pick just five examples that stand out against any others. In order to inspire you, and to make you think outside the norm, I have chosen five boards almost at random.

I searched for a number of brand names to see what I could find, and I honed in on boards that are good examples of a brand using Pinterest to collate content in an indirect way. Let’s explain.

Tesco adopts a yellow theme

Tesco yellow board on Pinterest

On its official Pinterest account, Tesco features a number of pinboards that promote Tesco and its products – in a direct and an indirect way. This board, however, is all about colour. They have pulled together a number of items featuring the colour yellow. Some of the items are pinned from Tesco’s own sites, but not all of them. This is a great example of content curation on Pinterest.

Pepsi does cakes – and why not?

Pepsi party pairings board on Pinterest

On its Pepsi Next brand page, Pepsi promotes not only its product but it also shares images from the various marketing campaigns. Tucked in among the brand marketing, though, is this pinboard featuring cakes – a hardy perennial for any Pinterest user.

British Design Experts show classic logos

Pinterest board - British Logo Design collates classic logos

British Design Experts uses Pinterest to share logos, infographics and other marketing graphics – reinforcing what the company sells. Rather than just promote new products, though, the company has created a board as a homage to classic logos.

Ascot hats and promotional products

Ascot Hats on Pinterest

What value is there for a marketing company in putting together a board full of hats when they don’t sell hats? ID Promotional is a company based in Ascot. On its Pinterest account, the company has a board featuring pictures of Ascot, as well as this board dedicated to Ascot hats. The idea is to promote the association between the company and the town in order to gain any potential SEO benefit from local searchers.

Creative wedding invitations – for brides to be

Wedding invitations on Pinterest by Compare Stag and Hen

Compare Stag and Hen is a website dedicated to helping people find a venue for their stag or hen party. Naturally, their Pinterest account is full of boards about clothes for stags and hens, places to go, where to party. One of their boards is this one, dedicated to creative wedding invitations.

Understanding what matters on Pinterest

When you build your Pinterest boards, you should think about visibility, shareability and SEO. My 17 Pinterest tips article should be helpful. Here are some other tips to follow.

  • Create boards with themes that are loosely related to what you do
  • Think about art and colour
  • Find content from around the web and pin it to your boards, as well as re-pinning from other boards
  • An advert or product photo is less likely to be pinned than something artistic that relates to your logo or incorporates your product in some way.

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