pinterest business pageLast week I shared the news that Pinterest launched business pages and I created a video tutorial on how to set up a Pinterest business page. If you’ve got a Pinterest page or are thinking about setting one up, you may be wondering what to post. Essentially, the sky’s the limit in terms of what you pin, but you want to make sure your pins appeal to your target audiences.

Based on a review of a number of Pinterest pages, I’ve noticed 3 types of Pin Boards that are successful in being professional while staying true to their brand. Check out the video below for our 3 tips and some examples of excellent Pinterest boards and pins.

Quick summary:

Tip #1. Don’t make it all about you

While you do want to have pins that link back to products or services on your company website, your boards shouldn’t be all about your business. Think about how you can highlight things other people are doing, such as the Chobani board that shares customer recipes.

Tip #2. Be helpful

Many people turn to Pinterest for inspiration and ideas. Provide helpful tips that relate to your industry, but that don’t necessarily come from your site or business. For instance, Mashable shares tech tips and tricks from all over the internet.

Tip #3. Show off your brand personality

Have fun!! Pinterest is a great way for you to showcase your brand’s personality. Whether it’s having a “humour” pinboard or sharing inspirational quotes, there are a variety of ways for you to inject some life into your brand.

What other ways can you use Pinterest to reach your audience? Share in the comments!

ps. Come join us on Pinterest! If you’re not on Pinterest yet, don’t forget to watch our 2 min video on how to set up a Pinterest account.