10 Must Follow Social Media Pinterest Boards

Among all of the currently popular social media websites, Pinterest is one of the most interesting, presenting us with a simple way to consume content, always with an option to reach out for more. Besides helping bloggers to spread their content farther and wider, including both videos and imagery, Pinterest also offers us the ability to quickly learn more about a given subject, social media in general chief among them.

Whether you’re looking to stay hip to social media simply because your modern lifestyle demands it, or you need to get under the surface in order to better take advantage of the social web for your own marketing purposes, here are 10 social media Pinterest boards that we should all follow:

1. Mashable

Social Media Pinterest Boards We All Should Follow

Easily the best known and most robust source for social media news, tips, and tricks on the web, Mashable is just as active on its Pinterest board as it is on its main website, providing followers with a daily dose of imagery, infographics, and photographs, each leading back to more detailed coverage if you choose to go that far. Given just how full of content Mashable is, using their Pinterest board as a buffer between you and their website is a great way to more quickly narrow down what you’re reading to what best suits your purposes and interests.

Check out Mashable Pin Board

2. Mari Smith

Social Media Pinterest Boards We All Should Follow

Mari Smith doesn’t pin often compared to giants like Mashable, but when she does, it’s always worth a look! Mari Smith is a social media maven, well-known on a number of social networks, and Pinterest is no exception. Given her career as a successful marketer with a knack for thinking outside of the box, Mari’s pins will open your eyes to a world full of marketing possibilities, teaching you how to truly take advantage of the hundreds of millions of sets of social eyes just waiting to take in what your blog or website has to offer.

Check out Mari Smith Pin Board

3. SocialMedia.nl Infographics

Social Media Pinterest Boards We All Should Follow

Everybody loves a good infographic, and that’s all you’ll find here at the SocialMedia.nl Infographics board on Pinterest. From learning more about yourself as a marketer to better understanding the many layers of social media that are available to you as you push your websites, products, and services, you’ll find no shortage of information-heavy graphics available for your perusal here.

Check out SocialMedia.nl Infographics

4. Facebook Marketing Tips

Social Media Pinterest Boards We All Should Follow

If there’s one thing about Facebook that you can count on, it’s that it will be constantly changing and updating its functionality, and that alone makes the Facebook Marketing Tips Pinterest board an invaluable resource, as its pins help you to stay in the loop. With more than one billion users, Facebook is the place to be for social marketers, and you’ll not find a better resource where truly getting a handle on the social network’s potential is concerned.

Check out Facebook Marketing Tips

5. Dashburst

Social Media Pinterest Boards We All Should Follow

Similar in content and style to Mashable, the Dashburst Pinterest board offers up a fun and engaging way to better familiarize yourself with social media and its potential for your blog or website. From giants like Facebook to relative newcomers like Tumblr, you’ll find advice, tips, and tricks to help to you scale each social network for your own benefit, with copious amounts of other web development and marketing information available on the side.

Check out Dashburst Pin Board

6. ShortStack Lab

Social Media Pinterest Boards We All Should Follow

Boasting more than 500 pins, ShortStack’s presence on Pinterest provides a wealth of social media and search marketing information, all very visually compelling and available with the click of a button. Besides the standard social media infographics and links, you’ll also find a wide variety of pins concerning the many side topics related to the social sphere, making this a full-featured place to be for bloggers and webmasters looking to take their endeavors to the next level.

Check out ShortStack Lab Pin Board

7. Melonie Dodaro

Social Media Pinterest Boards We All Should Follow

Considered Canada’s number one expert on Linkedin in particular and social media in general, Melonie Dodaro’s Pinterest board features more than 500 unique pins revolving around all of your favorite social networks, with the vast majority of them aiming to teach you something about taking advantage of each of those networks.

Check out Melonie Dodaro Pin Board

8. Social Media Week

Social Media Pinterest Boards We All Should Follow

Offering up not only the tips and tricks that you’d expect from such a board, but also examples of social media done right on a variety of platforms, the Social Media Week board on Pinterest provides more than 3,000 pins for your perusal, each of them aiming to make you a better social media aficionado than you were before.

Check out Social Media Week Pin Board

9. Social Media Infographics

Social Media Pinterest Boards We All Should Follow

Infographics have become on the web’s favorite ways of conveying detailed information in a short and succinct way, and that is probably never more true than when it comes to social media. On the Social Media Infographics board, you’ll find infographics helping you to do everything from gaining more followers on Pinterest to demanding more attention for the content maximizing what you learning while minimizing the time spent learning it all the while.

Visit Social Media Infographics Pin Board

10. Community Board – Social Media

Social Media Pinterest Boards We All Should Follow

They love infographics at the Community Board – Social Media board on Pinterest as well, but you’ll also find a variety of other additions here, with each of the board’s more than 3,500 pins boasting the ability to make you more web-savvy in general. Focusing on increasing engagement across all major platforms by shaping you into a better social media participant, this board has just about everything you need to up your social game online in the shortest time possible.

Check out Community Board – Social Media


Whether you’re looking to be a better social marketer, or you simply want to utilize social media to its full benefit on your own personal time, Pinterest can quickly prove to be one of the web’s most valuable sources of information given its to-the-point presentation, making each of these boards – and many hundreds more, we’re sure – well worth paying a visit to when you find yourself on the prowl for social media tips and tricks. Image Credit: Pinterest.