If you want your event to be memorable, the invitation is the place to begin. A great invitation gets people excited and sets the tone for your party, even before it starts. Take a look at and get inspired by some of the most unique and creative invitations we found on Pintrest.

1. Viewmaster Invitations
Load up these retro viewers with photos of the hosts, guests, or venue, and you’ve created not only an invitation, but also a great keepsake.

Source: stephmodo.com via Mingly on Pinterest

2. A Paper Record Player
Spin this flexidisk record with your hands to hear a song. The video is worth a watch.

Source: kellianderson.com via Mingly on Pinterest

3. 3D Pop-up Art
This was the VIP invitation to Lady Gaga’s Workshop at Barneys New York.

Source: thedieline.com via Mingly on Pinterest

4. Mystery Message and Decoder

Source: marthastewartweddings.com via Malia on Pinterest

5. Message in a Bottle

Source: factorydirectcraft.com via Heather on Pinterest

6. Mini-helium Balloon Invitations

Source: ohhappyday.com via Mingly on Pinterest

7. Breaking News Announcement

Source: blog.amyatlas.com via Mingly on Pinterest

8. Gift Basket Invitation

Source: sideshowpress.blogspot.com via Mingly on Pinterest

9. Top Secret Delivery

Source: lovelypackage.com via wally on Pinterest

10. Lantern Dinner Party Invites

Source: aimeeferre.blogspot.com via Aimee on Pinterest

What’s the best invitation you’ve ever received? Please share your favorite ideas below.